FAR’s staff is fortunate be blessed with a very diverse talent pool.   Without these individuals, strongly committed to their daily tasks, we would not be able to positively impact the lives of so many Armenians in need.  Therefore, we have decided to start a new thread of articles to present the staff members’ work to our supporters.  Today, please meet Levon Lachikyan, FAR’s Press Secretary in Yerevan.

Originally from Gyumri, Levon received his formal education at the State University of Yerevan.  He pursued a career as a lecturer at his Alma Mater and also at Komitas Conservatoire, before becoming an art critic for the newspaper “Azg”.  As Press Secretary at FAR, Levon leverages his previous experience as a journalist in order to organize press conferences.  Levon has built a strong network throughout the Armenian media community, and he uses his contacts in order to inform the public of FAR’s work in the community.

Aside from being FAR’s press secretary, and a main contributor to this blog, Levon’s work is regularly published.  His latest article, “Theory of Art of Khachatur Erzzoumetsi,” was recently published by the Academy of National Science of Armenia in the eighth volume of “History of Armenian Aesthetics.” Levon is also the proud author of two books, The Wonderful Alphabet and Ode to Armenian, and has been published over the course of the years in more than 20 international scientific journals.  He has also contributed three articles in the Encyclopedia of the “1700th anniversary of Christianity in Armenia”.

Levon Lachikyan


Credit: FAR Staff