Last month, FAR received a very generous donation of 245 TV sets from Armenia’s Marriott Hotel. Now, the organization is distributing the TVs to 55 organizations, including orphanages, special schools, secondary schools, senior centers, old age homes, soup kitchens, etc., in Yerevan and other regions.

Distribution of TVs from FAR Yerevan Office

Melikyan Kristine from Gavar Orphanage (right)
During our visit to Gavar Orphanage, we asked one little girl named Melikyan Kristine if she watched TV very often.
“If I have a chance,” she said. “I often watch soap operas on TV, but the boys are soccer fans. The new TVs will give us an opportunity to watch our favorite programs without quarrelling.”

Distribution of TVs at Vanadzor Orphanage
The boys were in a flurry during our visit to Vanadzor Orphanage.
At that time, the European Weightlifting Championships were on and the boys were hurrying to install the new TVs in the lounge room. One of them happily said that finally everyone could watch whatever they prefer.

Credit: FAR Staff