“Famous and respected people form public opinion. When such people speak up about Armenian Genocide public interest and trust rises and their thoughts change accordingly. At this moment there are serious prerequisites for recognition. I believe Knesset will not only discuss the bill but also pass it. And this is not in spite of Turkey. Jewish society got matured and is ready to recognize the absolute truth.”

-Rima Varzhapetyan-Feller

Via News.am

The issue on recognition of the Armenian Genocide was introduced in the Knesset Committee on Education, Culture and Sport in May this year by “left” party “Meretz” with the support of the “Likud” party, led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Before sending it to the Commission on Education, Culture and Sports MPs supported the decision to continue the discussion. They stressed that the relations between Israel and Turkey should not become an obstacle to Israel’s recognition of Armenian Genocide.

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Credit: News.am