March 11 was a good day for the children at No. 1 Boarding School in Vanadazor as 15 teenagers received their completion certificates from GTech for their beginner-level training classes in web programming. During their three months of training, students in both the Shirak and Lori Provinces of Armenia not only learned web programming but also managed to create new websites for their school under the guidance of their experienced teachers from GTech who led the trainings.

Such classes are the result of a 2014 partnership forged between GTech and the German Cronimet Charity Foundation, which targets improving the quality of life for children and adolescents in need or from low-income families. Trainings are specifically designed for teenagers and are now held every year in Vanadzor (Lori Province) and in Gyumri (Shirak Province).

The 45 teenagers from Gyumri and other towns in Shirak Province spent their time studying HTML CSS, Adobe Photoshop and Java Script technologies at Meghvik , a local Gyumri-based NGO aimed at helping children and families in Shirak’s rural areas. Both Meghvik and No. 1 Boarding School received computers from the Cronimet Foundation.

Seda Madoyan, 15, of Vanadzor, said she never imagined that she could be so interested in IT. She found herself wrapped up in learning how to create websites, webpages and groups, and editing images. “I am now able to create and manage websites. I think I know what my future profession might be; IT is very attractive and promising to me now,” she said.

“This project and collaboration with the Cronimet Foundation is not only an opportunity for GTech but it is also a different way to absorb the results of what we do—through the smiles and shining eyes of these beautiful kids, the project beneficiaries. It enables us to understand that care and attention to them is above everything else. We will put in the efforts to continue supporting these children who not only live in very poor families, but also the majority of them do not have parents and lack consistent parental care,’’ said Amalya during the reception.

During the graduation ceremony some of the teenagers performed recitations of famous Armenian poems and songs. All of the guests, which included representatives from Lori Province’s administration, teachers and school headmaster Hasmik Nerkararyan, expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Cronimet and GTech for their efforts to change lives of vulnerable children and to make them feel like an important part of the society.