Narine Vardanyan said goodbye to Aram Harutyunyan, and once he left the FAR Children’s Center’s main building tears filled her eyes. “I became so attached to him, that little sweet boy,” said Narine, a social worker at the Center, which is a full-service care facility that gives shelter and psychosocial support to Armenia’s most vulnerable children.

Along with his brother, 7-year-old Thomas, Aram, 10, spent several months at the Center until his mother was able to find a proper job and afford rent for an apartment. Originally from Ararat Province, their parents divorced and left for Russia to find work for a time, leaving them alone.

Soon after his arrival, Aram immediately became close with Narine who taught him to how to sing, particularly beautiful Armenian songs. When he grows up, he says he wants to become a famous singer as well as soccer player. And now that he has some free time after school he spends it playing chess, which he also learned from Narine.

The approach of the Center is straightforward for all of the children who stay there: give them the support they need to bring some stability and some joy back into their lives; make their lives more colorful and positive, until they can be reunited with their family or moved to a more permanent living situation.

Aram, Thomas, and their 11-year-old sister Armine, who has been staying at the Nagashyan Center, a facility for girls ages 10-16 run by the Armenian Apostolic Church, are lucky to be returning to their mother and to their new home.

Take a look at this video below to see Aram sing his favorite song that Narine taught him before he said goodbye to her.

We wish Aram and his siblings all the best in the future.