Each year when we make our visits to Daniel Varuzhan School No. 89 in Yerevan, we witness positive changes and learn more about the inspiring programs they want to implement with the goal of making their school even better. This most recent visit last month was no exception. A newly renovated and furnished concert hall, a renovated and redesigned gym to be used as assembly hall for motivational talks, and the purchase of a color printer and audio equipment were all made possible due to FAR’s support to the school this year.

“The concert hall is like a dream that became real. The same for the gym. We managed to redesign it not only to use for public events, but also to play volleyball and handball, mini football and basketball. We even organized mini football and handball competitions this year,” said the school’s Principal Anush Aslanyan.

She is inspired by the positive changes and strives for more. Ms. Aslanyan wants the school to start putting a special emphasis on English lessons. This academic year they invited eight English-speaking volunteers to conduct special classes. “I want our school to change and to become of the other, better quality so that we can compete with the best – the private schools in Armenia. It is with your support that, year after year, we become more modern and advanced,” she said.

Daniel Varuzhan is also in talks with the Union of Information Technology Enterprises to open up robotics classrooms in the school, which will give interested students the chance to program and design robots and ultimately become more advanced in IT.

“We have to inspire and motivate our students. We do it by cultivating a better physical and emotional environment. And we are aiming for more thanks to your support,” said Mrs. Aslanyan.

For 11 years now, FAR has continuously supported the Daniel Varuzhan School through the help of the late Dr. Armen Bedikian. Originally from Turkey, Dr. Bedikian contributed substantial donations to a range of organizations during his life. As someone who believed passionately in improving education for Armenia’s younger generation he generously supported Armenian schools.