The weeks of New Years and Christmas celebrations are finally over in Armenia and we have returned to the normal pace and routine of everyday life. Yet we wanted to share with you the news that FAR was able to do food distribution over the holidays thanks to the generosity of FAR supporter Mr. Ed Pompeian from Rochester, Minnesota, who made it possible.

Thanks to his support about 60 very needy and vulnerable families, all beneficiaries of different FAR programs, have received some very essential food packages that will last them about two months of this cold winter – the most difficult season of the year for the poor in Armenia.

The packages include staple products like flour, grains, cooking oils, and nuts, to insure those receiving them will have access to a balanced diet and will not need to spend additional money on food. Beneficiaries include the families of 20 Mathevosian and Gulamerian scholarships students; 30 families from FAR’s Soup Kitchens, including 15 from Yerevan, eight from Byureghavan and seven from Nor Hajn; as well as the families of children at the FAR Children’s Center.

Our hope this year is for fewer families to be in need of such assistance. Most of FAR’s programs are designed and implemented to help make this happen.