December marked the openings of some additional new and renovated facilities for two village schools in Tavush Province thanks to our Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP).

For the Chinari Village School it was the opening of its renovated gym, two new locker rooms, and most notably, the completion of the school’s water system, which made it possible for students to have indoor bathrooms for the first time. Previously, they had to use an outdoor toilet in a wooden stall that was in extremely poor condition.

“The most rewarding thought is that the students of yet another school will be able to learn in better, more comfortable conditions thanks to the support of FAR,” said Edik Karapetyan, FAR’s Education and Science Programs Manager. “The most important thing is for Chinari to have its own water supply, which we enabled.”

In Navur Village, students and teachers were happy to see their school’s fully renovated and furnished physics and chemistry laboratories open.

Everybody present was happy and excited. “My friends and I could not believe that one day we would study physics in good conditions. The country seemed to have forgotten about us. Yet FAR has made our dream a reality. This is a really great Christmas gift. This obliges us to study even harder and strive to achieve even greater results,” said 11th grader Araks Qosakyan.

Nearly 115 (more than half of Navur’s 160 students) will conduct their classes in the new labs.

In 2015, FAR built bathrooms outside on the grounds of the Navur School since the school has no sewage system. We plan to renovate and install hot water in the school’s cafeteria later this year.

Over the past several months FAR has also renovated and partially equipped the cafeteria of the Itsaqar Village School with a refrigerator, a washing station, and other tools.

We are happy that over the years of BCPP’s implementation, more and more schools in the Berd Region now have better conditions for their students’ studies and recreation.

Launched in 2013, BCPP aims to strengthen the Berd Region of Tavush Province through poverty reduction via its education, health, social, and economic development program components. One of its key areas is investment to ensure a better future for children. BCPP is sponsored by the Mardigian Family Foundation. Thanks to the education and health components of this five-year, multi-component BCPP program, 30 schools and kindergartens have already received and continue to receive support.