The continuous training of local healthcare staff is one of the important parts of FAR healthcare initiatives, as we always seek ways to strengthen local capacity. As part of the healthcare component of FAR’s Child Poverty Reduction Program, FAR recently organized a seminar for 50 local pediatricians and rural family physicians. This was the first healthcare seminar initiated through the program since it started in 2013 and topics, which were chosen based on previous discussion and identification of knowledge gaps with local healthcare providers, focused on neonatal conditions, diagnosis of lymph nodes, and children’s headaches.

Leading specialists from Yerevan traveled to Ararat Province, where the Child Poverty Reduction Program is implemented, to give their lectures. Dr. Serine Meliksetyan, Head of the Neonatal Resuscitation and the Intensive Care Department within the Institute of Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, lectured on “Transient Neonatal Conditions.” She gave a detailed presentation of all the norms emphasizing cases that require special attention. Dr. Meliksetyan clearly explained what doctors can and have to cure and when they don’t need to interfere.

Dr. Hripsime Apresyan, Head of the Children’s Department at the Nork Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital, gave a second lecture about diagnosis and treatment of a very common child problem – the inflammation of the lymph nodes.

The day closed with a lecture on children’s headaches led by Dr. Varsine Jaladyann, a neurologist from Arabkir Medical Center.

Dr. Varduhi Sargsyan, Head of the Pediatrics Policlinic of Artashat Medical Center, and a FAR Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) 2014 fellow, was very satisfied with the training: “These types of seminars are very important as they give an opportunity to all specialists to get acquainted with the latest approaches in the process of treatment.”

The Child Poverty Reduction Program’s health component is supported by the Arpine and Arda Hovnanian Fund.