An old saying goes, “If you want to see the country’s future, look at its young generation.” With this in mind, GTech has launched a new training course targeting the young students of Gyumri Boarding Schools #1 and #2. The course is made possible thanks to financial support from the “For the Benefit of Gyumri and Gyumretsiner” NGO.

The training course started on February 1, and in its span of two months, about 50 students aged 13-17 were provided with an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of the IT industry, interact with the shrewd experts of the GTech family, and experience hands-on trainings – such as building websites, mastering coding skills, and implementing creative designs.

The extracurricular program has assembled the most experienced instructors from GTech – Hovahannes Martirosyan and Gayane Aslanyan, both of whom have many years of programming experience under their belts.

The training course culminated with a graduation ceremony on April 1 during which the students received their well-deserved certificates and presented websites created by various teams of students.