A year ago, Ruzanna couldn’t imagine that a small sewing machine could make a positive and lasting change in her life.

Ruzanna Mirzoyan, 35, lives with her three children – Lianna, 6, Anna, 14, and Gor, 16 in the cross-border village of Movses. Four years ago, her husband – Mher Eghshatyan, perished in the line of duty at the age of 36 while serving at the border of the Tavush region. Ruzanna could hardly make ends meet, so she had to move back into her in-laws’ house. However, Ruzanna couldn’t find peace here, either. She was always restless since the house was constantly under Azeri sniper fire. Ruzanna and her mother-in-law used to head a large family and they were lacking basic necessities such as accommodations and food options for them all.

Since 2015, Ruzanna’s 6-year-old daughter has been one of the beneficiaries of FAR’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP). Under the program, Ruzanna receives annual financial support and will continue to do so until Lianna turns 18.

Ruzanna is a very industrious and talented woman. During a visit from FAR, she said that she could work tirelessly to save up some money for her kids: “I’ve always had a dream to have a good sewing machine and to do whatever I feel passionate about. Besides, I could make my own living and wouldn’t have to worry about my kids’ daily nutrition…”At the time, she had no idea that her appeal would capture FAR’s attention.

In 2016, within the scope of Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), we helped Ruzanna to get to where she is today. Ruzanna received a sewing machine and 50 square meters of fabric (about 165 square feet) to launch her new career path. Our other BCPP beneficiary – Kristine Avalyan, helped Ruzanna to master the art of sewing bed sheets and to help her get on her feet in a very short time.

Ruzanna finally feels like normalcy has returned to her life: she has worked her way up to heading her own business and makes a good profit – more than 20.000 AMD ($40) each month.

“I can now earn my living and purchase the most necessary items for my children. I have great hopes that I will soon expand my business and reach new heights. My children feel better thanks to FAR, and I want them to be kind humans in the future – to carry the feeling of giving back to those in need”- says Ruzanna with excitement. Ruzanna’s children share her excitement and don’t even try to hide their happiness: “We are happy that mom is at home all the time. She doesn’t leave us alone; she buys us everything we want,” enthusiastically remark the children.