It’s hard to stay up-to-date in our rapidly changing world. However, we at FAR do our best to bring the most recent medical improvements to the rural healthcare specialists and professionals through seminars and trainings, as well the newest scientific findings, especially concerning pediatric healthcare.

Recently, the FAR Healthcare Program team organized a day-long seminar in Ijevan, Tavush Region, to shed light on the current pediatric healthcare issues and increase the medical knowledge among local specialists.

The seminar – “Current Issues in Children’s Healthcare” – brought together the top state healthcare specialists and medical representatives to go over topics such as the physical and intellectual development of children, the clinical implication of immunization and medical genetics, as well as he modern techniques and methods of diagnosis and treatment typical to childhood diseases.

“We are lacking meetings like these. They help us to improve and expand our professional network and to increase public outreach. These meetings should be more than usual,” said one of the training participants, highlighting the importance of the Yerevan leading specialists’ involvement in the seminar and their willingness to get to hard-to-reach areas of Armenia.

Pediatricians, family physicians, infectious disease specialists, and public health specialists – about 50 specialists came from different parts of Tavush to learn and share their knowledge and experiences. The Ministry of Health of the RA approved the seminar’s agenda, as well as the provision of Continuing Medical Education credits to the participants.

The leading healthcare specialists from Yerevan found the medical interaction to be very useful. According to them, when you work in the leading medical centers in the capital, you often lose touch with the challenges occurring in other regions. However, such interaction with rural health professionals allowed them to learn more about the country’s health challenges as a whole, and to support their colleagues in rural regions with expertise that will help them provide better care to their patients.

At the end of the training, participants filled out evaluation forms. In the spirit of making such seminars more frequent, FAR’s evaluation forms also asked participants to indicate the subjects they would like to discuss during future training sessions.