Although 29-year-old Shant Petrosyan from Yerevan was raised by a musician and a tailor, he had dreamed of becoming a computer programmer for as long as he can remember.

He would have never imagined that one day, his childlike curiosity about computers and programming would go from being a hobby of his into his occupation. Moreover, the “city guy” would have never imagined that he would one day eagerly leave his beloved Yerevan for a remote town in northeastern Armenia to advocate for changes in programming. Shant confirms that his ambition of programming has no limits. “The profession of programming excites me and takes my breath away, it is my world,” he declares.

The story began in 2005, when teenage Shant started to seek technical education opportunities and applied to the Yerevan State University’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics. In 2011, 23-year-old Shant with an undergraduate degree in Informatics and Applied Algorithms got a job as a programmer at two different start-ups: “Bever” and then “Instigate.”

As Shant’s career got under way, the software world was on the verge of a giant leap. In 2013, right after his military service, the young programmer returned to a programming position at yet another start-up. After 2.5 years, Shant went on to Energize Global Services, a Yerevan-based technology company that focuses on delivering special services and products for the banking and financial management industry.

In 2016, Shant was invited to Nottingham, United Kingdom, to hold a six-month training course in programming for his English colleagues and to extend [and later to upgrade] the London Trains Ticketing System. Upon his return to Armenia, Shant returned to his job at Energize Global Services where along with his primary responsibilities, he also mastered several programming languages, such as Node.JS, JAVA/Android, C#, Microsoft CRM.

In March of 2017, Shant was invited to launch a series of Android programming courses at the Fund for Armenian Relief’s GTech, and has found his newest experience to be invigorating. “GTech is a company that embraces various work and learning styles,” he reflects. “Ever since I’ve started teaching at GTech, I’ve been impressed with the positive attitude of staff members and students. The opportunity to collaborate within this unique team is exciting, not only because of the high-quality activities we are involved in, but also due to the learning and development processes which are very flexible, creative, and allow us to create strong relationships with both colleagues and students.”

Shant continues, “Teaching is an exchange of experience, and a sharing of knowledge. For professional growth, the following key factors should play a significant role: human relations, expert knowledge, teamwork, and great expectations.” He, himself, thinks that he is a good problem-solver – he can quickly grasp complex systems and convert them into opportunities. FAR is thrilled that his latest opportunity has brought him to GTech, where his colleagues echo his wisdom and confirm his determination and perseverance as a valued team member.