In a video featuring children from the Vanadzor Children Support Center, the little ones are seen in elaborate vegetable costumes. Dressed as the crops they’d like to grow one day, they recite poems, share their own tongue twisters, and read riddles.

The hard work is an effort to support Ayo!’s Planting Roots campaign of building a greenhouse for the center. The greenhouse project aims to promote self-sustainability, proper nutrition, and skill development by helping children to manage their own greenhouse where they can grow vegetables.

Just two months after this undeniably adorable performance captured on film, we are proud to announce that the project has been fully funded, and is one step closer to reality!

Having raised the funds ($7,025) to fully fund the project, Ayo! is now able to enter the project’s construction and implementation stage. After taking classes on crop cultivation, the Center children partake in the gardening, thus affording themselves an opportunity to learn, play, and discover in a fun environment. Moreover, the strong connection to nature and horticulture in particular will enhance the children’s intellectual and emotional growth.

One of the project’s main goals is to teach young children about responsibility and ownership. With their own greenhouse, the Center will eventually be able to supply fresh vegetables for lunch every day, giving the children and staff an accessible and healthy food source. The most underserved children in Vanadzor will now play an active role in Vanadzor’s life, providing a commodity that in turn will support their community and the center itself.

The Vanadzor Children’s Support Center serves the entire region of Lori, including children from villages near and far. It offers educational, spiritual, and emotional support to over 100 underprivileged children aged 6-18. It also provides a warm meal and school supplies to all beneficiaries.



FAR and Ayo! are thrilled about the greenhouse in the making. Stay tuned for more developments and updates!