In May of this year FAR’s GTech and the Paros Foundation’s “Debi Arach” Development Center kicked off a new training program for military veterans. The free program serves fourteen men who have completed their compulsory military service or have served in the Four Day War of April 2016. During the span of six months, the programs aims to empower veterans who have a strong desire to delve into computer programming to secure well-paying positions as experts in the field.

“Upon graduation, I hope to find a relevant job and immerse myself into the high-tech or IT sector,” says Lyova Papikyan, a former soldier of Askeran [Artsakh] who holds a Master’s Degree in International Studies. Lyova finds the courses encouraging, especially for mid-career specialists who can further enhance their credibility in their current workplaces, and who can expand their knowledge in other subjects, such as Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms, English, Photoshop, and Web Programming (HTML5 / CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL).

Karapet Manoukian is a radio physics specialist. He has served in the Special Forces of the National Security Service of Armenia and has long been in pursuit of a good job – with no result. Karapet strongly believes that the trainings will help him to pave a new path in his carer . “The expert trainers explain everything very clearly, and this is why we live with hope that we, too, will become experts in the field,” explains Karapet.

Edgar Cherkezyan, who served in the Four Day War of April 2016 and a pharmacist, chimes in with his affirmative approach: “All of us have seized the opportunity. All we need now is to learn well and to apply knowledge effectively.”