After attending a three-month programming course initiated by Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech), 13-year-old Narek Chakhoyan has a developed an ambitious final project: a website where designers can freely display their work.

The course was made possible thanks to support from the CRONIMET Charity Foundation, an organization that focuses on child protection . It enabled 22 kids, ages 11 to 17, from Vanadzor Child Care and Nursing No.1 Boarding School and Meghvik Children’s and Youth NGO to focus on HTML/CSS and Photoshop programming. The course was delivered through our own GTech teachers who made sure the children would benefit from the valuable skills, no matter which path they decided to take in the future.

Narek is a musician. He plays a clarinet and studies at Gyumri Academic College. The teenager admits that the programming skills have changed his mind set and he now wants to become a successful IT specialist because “it’s this century’s specialty.” Still, this doesn’t mean he plans to drop the clarinet. “I’ll have two specialties – both programming and music,” he said.

Davit Gharibyan, also 13, also successfully completed the training program and prepared a website, too. This new training, he said, has inspired him to move forward in the IT world. “I went into the course with limited knowledge about programming skills. Then, right off the bat I learned a lot, and I also met a lot of great people—students, teachers, etc. I feel that it has built my confidence and it has really helped a lot,” he said with excitement.