Twelve years ago, when FAR was exploring the idea of establishing Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech), IT in Armenia was in its embryonic stage and no one could imagine Gyumri would host a major IT education center. Since 2005, GTech has held programming courses for the students and young specialists in Gyumri taught by well-rounded and accomplished instructors.

Arayik Melkonyan, 55, started his career as a GTech instructor more than a year ago. He was born and raised in Jrashen Village in the Lori Region. After graduating from Yerevan State University’s Department of Applied Mathematics, Melkonyan worked his way up in the IT industry as a programmer. Today, he also works as a lecturer at the National Polytechnic University of Armenia and the Microsoft Innovation Center in Gyumri.

Melkonyan finds it rewarding to work with GTech students, as he sees promise in them. According to him, GTech has played a tremendous role. “A lot has changed in Gyumri thanks to GTech, and yet there is still so much to do. Although there are a number of universities in Gyumri, GTech has become the major IT hub since the 1988 earthquake. It’s the first time I have seen both teenagers and professionals receive an opportunity to put their practical knowledge into action by through IT laboratories,” remarked the instructor. All of his students have great potential to pursue a successful career in programming in the future, he said.

As a former military officer, Melkonyan values the discipline and readiness needed to embrace new challenges, and he injects that idea into his students as well. Having served in the Nagorno Karabakh Army and a veteran of the Nagorno Karabakh War, and he teaches his students to be bold, brave, and strong.

“Currently I have four to five students who I think will become outstanding programmers in the near future. I also think that GTech is a hub that can develop great IT specialists,” he said.

We at FAR are happy to have a true role model teaching at GTech.