For two decades, FAR has helped promising students and scientists through its extensive Education and Science Program. On November 22, we were able to celebrate these 20 years of supporting the community during a ceremony held at our Yerevan office.

Students and alumni of FAR’s various scholarship programs, Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF) researchers, and partners from Yerevan State University, Yerevan State Conservatory, and the Armenian Astronomical Society were present for the event.

Armenia Country Director Bagrat Sargsyan opened the ceremony with welcoming remarks. He emphasized the input FAR has had on the development of education and science in Armenia, and on the great role our organization has played in the lives of the many students, families, and young scientists we’ve supported. “Scientific and educational programs have always been under FAR’s spotlight because we think that only educated people can face challenges and make a difference in Armenia,” he said. “We proudly follow our scholarship alumni, many of whom hold high positions in their work.”

Edik Karapetyan, FAR Education and Science Programs Manager, presented on FAR’s many scholarship programs and ANSEF. He talked about the work that FAR has done in the field, the achievements of our programs, and the beneficiaries of FAR’s Education and Science programs. “More than 3,000 students have received scholarships, dozens of schools and kindergartens have been renovated, and 434 scientific groups made up of 1,650 scientists have received our ANSEF grants. During the past 20 years, FAR has always been at the side of Armenian students, supporting them as they try to achieve their dreams of getting a higher education and supporting scientists in their quest to realize their scientific ideas,” said Edik, who also spoke of the volunteer work that FAR scholarship students have done, and the fact that our education programs have become more diverse and inclusive.

Yerevan State University (YSU) gave FAR a gold medal and a certificate for the great input and important work of FAR’s Education and Science Program, and for its continuous support to students and research groups. The awards were presented to FAR by Ruben Markosyan, YSU Vice Rector.

Arkadiy Avanesov, Yerevan State Conservatory Vice Rector, and Sona Farmanyan, Programs Coordinator at the Armenian Astronomical Society, also presented certificates of appreciation to FAR. In their speeches, they all talked about our successful cooperation and their readiness to continue our partnership. FAR also received congratulations from the Armenian State University of Economics, the Armenian State Polytechnic University, and the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.

Three of FAR’s Sayan Scholarship students played beautiful music during the ceremony. Other scholarship students gave speeches in which they talked about their experience of becoming members of the FAR “family.” They highlighted the importance of the scholarship for them, their achievements, and the volunteer work they are eagerly engaged in. All of them expressed their thankfulness to their benefactors and the FAR staff for their caring attitude and support.

ANSEF scientists also made speeches, indicating how they highly value FAR’s/ANSEF’s input in the sciences and the support it brings to Armenian scientists, especially young ones. “On behalf of my colleagues, I want to say that ANSEF is a very important opportunity for young researchers. This year eight research groups from Yerevan State University were awarded ANSEF grants. Thank you for your continuous support of YSU,” said Karen Trchounian, Doctor of Science, YSU.