FAR makes it possible for many young people to get an education through our wide array of scholarship programs. Our support and interest in them doesn’t stop there, however. Our staff loves to stay up to date on the new developments that happen in the lives of the youth we assist. Naturally, we were very happy to find out about the marriage of 21-year-old Gulamerian Foundation Scholarship Program student Arpenik Ghazaryan to Lyudvig Yeghiazaryan on December 12th.

For the past five years, Arpenik received FAR’s support so she could study management at the Gavar branch of European College. It was during her final exam in Yerevan that she met Lyudvig, 24, who happened to be taking the same test.

From the age of two, Aprenik grew up at Gavar Orphanage in Gegharqunik Province. After her graduation from college, she moved to Etchmiadzin in Armavir Province to live at the group home run by Mer Doon, a place specifically for young women who’ve aged out of orphanages.

After several months of fruitlessly searching for a management job, Aprenik started working as a manicurist at the Hmayq Beauty Salon in 2016. It was during this time, and during Mer Doon’s 10th anniversary celebration at Mergerian Carpet Armenia Restaurant in Yerevan, when Lyudvig proposed to Arpenik. Their wedding ceremony was held at the same restaurant, as Raffi Megerian generously sponsored the event.

FAR’s Education and Science Program team staff Edik Karapetyan and Mane Khachatryan were present at the wedding, and they presented a nice gift to the newly married couple on behalf of FAR and the Gulamerian Foundation. Other Gulamerian students prepared a nice gift for their friend. They also put on a specially prepared performance of the Armenian National Dance for the bride and groom.

“We are happy that one more orphan has found her joy. We at FAR wish them happiness, endless love, and strong family,” said Edik, FAR’s Education and Science Program Manager.

Lyudvig and Arpenik will live in Lyudvig’s home village of Qarashamb in Kotayq Province. Lyudvig’s parents are teachers at the local school. Lyudvig owns a small shop that the couple will now manage together.

We at FAR hope that Arpenik’s future is filled with happiness, and wish her all the best.