The Daniel Varuzhan School No. 89 has long been a place to ignite and develop ideas that aim to boost educational tools to higher levels. For more than 12 years, FAR has supported the school through the help of the late Armen Bedikian, who believed passionately in improving education for Armenia’s younger generation.

On December 12th, the school organized its annual concert, which followed the official opening of its recently renovated Armen Bedikian Concert Hall.

“Today, I am grateful beyond words to have this firm cooperation with FAR, which has continuously supported us to make positive changes at our school, and to cultivate a better physical and emotional environment for our students. To honor the generous support of FAR’s benefactor, we have named this concert hall after the late Armen Bedikian,” said school Principal Anush Aslanyan.

She showed off the new piano the school acquired in 2017 as part of the cooperation, and talked about their new computers, projectors, and improved sanitary conditions, all made possible with FAR’s help.

Full of fun and interaction, the concert lasted nearly two hours. Everybody—students, parents, teachers—were singing and dancing. At the end, they even had a small ceremony to honor their superlative teachers, class-managers, students, etc.

FAR Country Director Bagrat Sargsyan validated our work with the Daniel Varuzhan School, reiterating the idea that FAR will continue the effective cooperation. “Every time I visit, I see how much effort and energy is invested into this tremendous work. The school management takes care of every tiny detail to make comfortable conditions for the students so that they can pursue high-quality education,” he said.