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[ANSEF]: Former Scholarship Student Wins 2017 ANSEF Grant image

Dr. Vehanush Marukhyan has defied the odds stacked against her, using education as the tool to propel herself forward. The eldest of three daughters, Vehanush grew up in poverty. “My father was unemployed and my mother could hardly care for us on her low salary as a chemistry teacher back then. I would never have been able to study if it not for FAR and the Mathevosian Scholarship," said Vehanush. “Really, if it wasn’t for FAR I wouldn’t have my bachelor’s.”

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[ANSEF]: Research May Lead to Improved Armenian Wine image

It is Nelli Hovhannisyan’s energy that helps her to keep up with all of the jobs and activities that would normally seem difficult for one person to handle. A PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Yerevan State University (YSU), Nelli is Director of YSU’s Center of Excellence in Applied Biosciences, head of its Department of Ecology and Nature Protection, and one of its researchers and associate professors.

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[ANSEF]: Persistence, Patience and the Determination to Make a Difference in Science image

With her willingness to work patiently and carefully for results despite funding constraints and a low salary, Kristine Karapetyan, 36, is someone who can be called a genuine scientist. A PhD in biology and senior researcher at the Armbiotechnology Science and Production Center of Armenia’s National Academy of Sciences Kristine for the second year in a row, has received an Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF) grant to further pursue the project she and her colleagues have been working on for the past 15 years. Kristine, along with five other women at the Center’s lab have been researching and developing a natural substitute for antibiotics for livestock—the first time such a thing has been done in Armenia. Kristine earned ...

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[ANSEF]: Strengthening Armenia’s Science through its Young Scientists image

Thirty-two groups of scientists have been chosen as this year’s winners of the Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF). Each of these groups will receive a $5,000 grant to support further development of their research in biology, physics, chemistry, biotechnology or astronomy, among other areas. “Over the years, ANSEF has found its own place among the organizations that support the development of science in Armenia, which is very encouraging,” said Edik Karapetyan, FAR`s Education and Science Programs Coordinator at the opening of the January 27th awards ceremony. He congratulated all 107 scientists who make up these 32 groups. Armenian National Academy of Science President Radik Martisoryan then thanked the ANSEF Research Council for its honest and unbiased work, while emphasizing ...

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[FAR New York]: FAR ANSEF Chairman is Honored by NASA for Life Time Achievement standard

Dr. Yervant Terzian, the David C. Duncan Professor in the Physical Sciences, Department of Astronomy, Cornell University, was awarded to NASA Lifetime Achievement Award last month. He is one of the prominent modern astronomers, known in the fields of physics of the interstellar medium, planetary nebulae, galaxies, radio astronomy, and others. He is one of the Armenian Astronomical Society Co-Presidents and the Chairman of the Research Council of Armenian National Science and Education Fund. Terzian was born on February 9, 1939, in Alexandria, Egypt. His father was an Armenian and his mother, a Greek; hence, having Armenian-Greek origin, Terzian is considered both as a great Armenian and Greek astronomer. He finished the Kalousdian Armenian School in Cairo, then studied at ...

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[FAR Science]: Former ANSEF Grantee Receives Prize in Mathematics standard

Anush Tserunyan is into mathematics. An assistant professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, this year Anush was awarded the 2015 Emil Artin Junior Prize in Mathematics. Established in 2001, the Emil Artin Prize is presented each year to a former student of an Armenian university for outstanding contributions in algebra, geometry, topology and numbers theory. The Fund for Armenian Relief is proud to support this project through its endowment Fund established by Dr. Victor Pambuccian. “It is very inspiring to receive this award. It is a great honor for me,” said Anush. “Doing mathematics is what makes me feel coolest. I can’t imagine my life without it.” Her interest in math was sparked by her late uncle, a physicist ...

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[Science and Education]: FAR Continues to Provide Opportunity to Armenia’s Scientists standard

Current and previous ANSEF grantees gathered recently at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (NASA) to learn more about opportunities for funding from various European Institutions. FAR partnered with NASA’s Department of International Science and Technology, on the event, which is part of FAR’s effort to be consistent with creating more opportunities for Armenian scientists. FAR Education and Science Programs Coordinator Edik Karapetyan, along with the Head of International Science and Technology Programs Department at NASA Tigran Arzumanyan welcomed the participants and asked them to take every possibility to develop their work. Program coordinators presented on the opportunities, which included Erasmus+; Study and Research in Germany, a DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) program; and Overview of the Horizon 2020, which ...

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[FAR ANSEF]: ANSEF Researchers Promote Their Research Amongst Members of Armenia’s Science Community standard

Throughout the course of the decade since FAR launched its Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF) grant program, it has always tried to create new opportunities for researchers, both current and alumni, to advance their work. A recent partnership between FAR and Technology & Science Dynamics IT company’s New Technology Education Fund (NTEF) is one such opportunity. Two of FAR’s previous ANSEF grantees recently presented their research at NTEF’s Mergelyan Club, where weekly discussions among members of the scientific community aim to uncover new and promising business ideas. Based at the Armbiotechnology Scientific and Production Center, Sona Avetisyan, 36, spoke about her research synthesizing the melanin found in skin as a way to increases crop yields. Hovakim Zaqaryan, 28, ...

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