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[BCPP]: Boosting Production, Building Communities standard

Vineyards are big in Tavush Province, particularly in the Berd Region, which is a focus of wine and brandy producers. While they can be lucrative, it takes a much effort to make productivity thrive. “To prevent a downward trend and preserve the region’s rich tradition of viticulture FAR was looking for ways in which it could positively and effectively intervene. As it turned out Pernod Ricard, a French company that owns Ararat Brandy factory in Yerevan and its branch in Tavush, was concerned with the same issue,” said Economic Development Project Manager Eric Baghdasaryan. Through its Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), FAR and Planet Finance, an international development NGO outsourced by Pernod Ricard, developed a partnership through which ...

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[BCPP]: Six More Schools Provided with Better Conditions in Border Tavush Province standard

Fifteen hundred students in Armenia’s Tavush Region can now enjoy newly renovated, newly furnished classrooms and athletic grounds. Just a little over a week ago Berd City residents gathered to officially celebrate the openings of three new sports fields, two vocational classrooms, a kitchen, new bathrooms and a stadium in several local schools, all made possible by the Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP). Berd’s No. 4 School now has a newly renovated and partially equipped kitchen, a table tennis classroom and a new bathroom. A beautiful new basketball court was gifted to Berd’s No. 3 School, and Berd High School has a new football stadium. Renovations of the outdoor sports grounds and bathrooms were completed for the secondary schools ...

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[BCPP]: BCPP Hobby Groups Pave the Way for Future Artists image

  As FAR’s BCPP (Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program*) expands the number of its hobby groups in the border villages of Tavush Province students are already starting to show great results. The painting hobby class of Aygepar Village, for example, had been operating for just three months before its students held their first exhibition in May. The group is really popular as nearly all of Aygepar’s students attend. Many impressed their parents with creations; Some were even amazed by the artistic talents of their own children. Principal Arev Arzumanyan was also very satisfied with the work of her students. “It is thanks to the diligence and commitment of the group’s supervisor and teacher Siramarg Aydinyan that this group has ...

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[FAR Child Protection]: FAR Commemorates International Children’s Day Around Armenia standard

Celebrations in honor of International Children’s Day started at the FAR Children’s Center where the Ayo! team joined Center staff and the Circle of Friends supporters group for a chalk drawing competition. Afterwards the kids sang and danced, opened presents and ate ice cream and cake. At the end of the day kids participated in group fairytale therapy led by visiting child psychologist Rajni Avagyan, who used storytelling in an interactive way that enabled the children to touch upon the struggles they are facing and also learning about ways to cope. In Tavush, where FAR implements the Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), festivities were also in full swing. Organized by the Berd municipality, various NGOs and foundations, kids ...

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[BCPP]: FAR’s Support Helps to Save one Teenager’s Life standard

Thirteen-year-old Karen Antonyan is able to walk, go to school and play with friends thanks to the attention, care and philanthropy of others. Karen lives in the village of Chinchin in the Tavush Region, and suffers from an illness, which affects his central nervous system. For the last six years he has lived with a cerebral shunt implanted between his brain and his stomach. Last year it clogged unexpectedly, which immediately put Karen’s life at risk. He was rushed to the Surb Astvatsamayr Medical Center in Yerevan where the doctors who performed emergency surgery found they had to replace the shunt completely. Karen lives with his parents, two siblings, and his disabled aunt. Since the family’s sole income is the ...

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