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[CASP]: CASP Stipend Helps One Single Mother to Make Ends Meet image

Silva Babayan, 45, is a single mother with six children who lives in one of the outer districts of Goris, a small city in Syunik Province. Her eldest daughter, Hermine, 22, is married but the rest still live at home with Silva. Twenty-seven-year-old Artyem has trouble with his eyesight. Her younger daughters, Ashkhen, 16, Qristine, 15, and Lusine, 13, are her helpers, and the youngest son, Alik, 8, is the baby of the family.

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[CASP]: CASP Provides Assistance to Gyumri Family Crippled with Poverty image

Eight-year-old Kristine, 13-year-old Karen, and 16-year-old Khoren Gevorgyan have spent their childhoods living in squalor with their grandmother Geghecik, 73, in one of the worst districts of Gyumri. After losing their home to the earthquake that devastated the region back in 1988, the family moved into a house given to them by the state. After that house was lost to a fire in 2001 they were then forced to move into an aluminum shelter, gifted to them by a local foundation. Both Karen and Kristine were born in this makeshift house. The four lived there with the children’s mother Anjela and their father Manvel until he passed away after a long battle with lung cancer in 2009. Soon afterwards, Anjela left with no reasonable explanation. They haven’t seen her since.

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[CASP]: More than 500 Children Receive Financial Aid from CASP Distributions image

Five hundred children living in Armenia's Syunik, Tavush and Shirak provinces, as well as in Javakhk, recently received financial aid as part of this year’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP) distributions. FAR staff recently traveled to these locations where they gave out the annual stipends with support from the Fathers of Armenia's Apostolic Church serving in these cities. In Javakhk, Georgia, support was distributed with the help of Father Babken Salbian, leader of Javakhk’s vicars.

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[CASP]: CASP Helps to Fill the Gap for Goris Family image

Eleven-year-old Gor Grigoryan wants to be a professor. He studies hard in school; natural sciences are his most liked subject. “I like experiments very much. Recently, for example, we did an experiment with clay,” he said. His mother Nune Javahiryan quickly jumped in. “One day he came home, immediately put his book bag aside, took a jar and filled it with soil, then placed it in a dark room,” she said. “Then he came to me and explained that he wanted to repeat the experiment with clay that they tried in school.” Gor lives in the town of Goris in Syunik Province with Nune, his sister Nona, and his grandparents. His father Sevada died of blood cancer five years ago. ...

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[CASP]: A Sliver of Hope image

Day by day and month by month, poverty has eroded the Ghazaryan family’s hope. Fifty-year-old Galya Ghazaryan had eight children, four boys and four girls, until her daughter Inga died a few years ago in a car accident at the age of 19, shortly after getting married. Inga’s two children now live in Russia with their father and rarely visit their grandmother. Galya’s husband Suren died in 2012 due to cardiovascular problems at the age of 53. And while her other daughter Anna, 25, is married and has three children of her own, she lives far from home. The other six children live with Galya in Armenia’s Syunik Province, where they share the one remaining room of her two-story house, ...

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[CASP]: The Gift of Hope image

Amidst the challenges that many families face in Armenia today, CASP has a very important mission. Families may deal with any number of struggles, including unemployment, low-income and health issues, making supplemental income support incredibly valuable for people like the Tsarukyan family. The Tsarukyans moved from the town of Artik in Shirak Province to Gyumri more than a decade ago with the hope of having access to greater job opportunities. Instead, things got harder for them. Samvel, the father of eight, died from a cardiovascular disease in 2013. Today six of the children still live with their mother Alvard. After Samvel’s death the four eldest siblings Tehmine, Ani, Anahit and Sevak, were unable to afford college after they graduated from ...

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