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[Economic Development]: From War-Torn Aleppo to Yerevan: Sevag Aroyan and Maria Maronian’s Inspiring Success image

Sevag Aroyan and Maria Maronian’s inspiring success is due to a lot of hard work. It was only a year ago when on March 7, 2016, they held their very first class at ETC-English and Exam Training Center that they had just opened in the heart of Yerevan. They started their business with a loan and by using the good reputation they had acquired during their short stay in Armenia.

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[Economic Development]: Boosting Vineyard Cultivation in Armenia’s Border Region image

It all started a year ago when FAR provided funds to a local nursery that specialized in grape cultivation and operated under the cooperative of Varagavan Village in the Berd Region. The support, which was made possible thanks to FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), covered several months of operational costs for the nursery, and helped it to produce locally grown, disease-free grape seedlings which turned out to be half the price of the frequently-used but imported European or Georgian seedlings.

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[BCPP]: BCPP Helps Small Business Owners to Expand image

A new sub project within our Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), which aims to provide support to smaller business owners, has already helped two local businesses to expand. After opening a call for applications nearly one year ago, FAR program managers had the difficult task of choosing the ideas of two successful candidates out of the 10 applicants who presented their plans on how to enlarge their current businesses. Selection was followed by a training on how to prepare solid business plans, and each candidate was given an interest-free loan and a grant to carry it out.

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[Economic Development]: “One Village” Boosts Economic Development in Zangakatun image

One year of hard work has brought significant results to Zangakatun Village where FAR, along with the Orange Foundation are preparing to officially close the One Village Project: Empowering Zangakatun to Development. The project, which opened August and aimed to develop the village's economic sustainability and infrastructure, improve its healthcare and education, and support its cultural heritage, has impacted more than 1,200 residents of this small village in Ararat Province.

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[BCPP]: Developing Agriculture: Spring Update on BCPP’s Agro Support image

April 7th was a joyful day in Tavush Province’s Chinchin Village. The agro-cooperative made up of livestock farmers from the community, received a brand new Challenger Tractor. Acquiring this new village treasure was possible through joint funding from FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) and the Ministry of Agriculture.

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[Economic Development]: New Partnership with Orange Armenia to Improve Life in Border Village image

“One Village” is the latest addition to FAR’s program portfolio and another reason to look back on 2015 with pride. Each year, the Orange Foundation selects an organization with which to partner on their “One Village” grant. FAR is this year’s awardee and will implement One Village in the border village of Zangakatun in Ararat Province. The project aims to radically change the life of a selected village through targeted investment in core areas, including economic activity, education, health and irrigation. Zangakatun is a village that has received support from FAR for several years now through the construction of a cold storage unit as part of the town’s burgeoning Agro Business Center, and renovations made to the village’s kindergarten. One ...

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[BCPP]: Economic Development Through the Improvement of Rural Infrastructure image

FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) is about to close another successful year. Throughout 2015, the project team continued to improve rural infrastructure in Tavush’s border region of Berd. Most recently, FAR collaborated with the Global Environmental Facility’s Small Grants Program, UNDP and the Berd Women’s Resource Center, on the renovation and expansion of the local irrigation system, which now covers 70 hectares of land and enables farmers of Berd region to regularly water their crops with ease. The project has made a difference for Aghvan Matevosyan, who just moved back to his home town of Tavush Village from Yerevan about a year ago when he saw some of the work BCPP was doing. Seeing the potential to make a ...

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[BCPP]: Reaping the Rewards a Green Thumb standard

It was rather unexpected that Arman Ghukasyan, 34, found himself involved in FAR’s Greenhouse Cultivation Promotion Project. His mother Manush was selected to own and run one of the first greenhouses. A hardworking, disciplined and experienced farmer, Manush has always relied on subsistence agriculture as a way to feed and support her family. In addition to the social security assistance she receives from the state, Manush from time to time also receives money from her younger son who is working as a farmer in Russia. The greenhouse project, part of FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), aims to provide eligible families with an additional source of nutritious food, and a way to earn supplemental income, by providing them ...

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