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[FAR New York]: Margaret Ahnert Continues to Empower Armenian Female Journalists image

Margaret Ahnert is a household name in Armenia, especially among aspiring young female journalists. As a philanthropist who cares about empowering the young talents of Armenia in the media, the celebrated author of the award-winning book The Knock at the Door: A Journey Through the Darkness of the Armenian Genocide is a frequent visitor to and activist for the nation of her roots.

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Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! image

Dear Friend of FAR, Last week, the kids from FAR’s Children’s Center organized their own event called “Children Promote World Peace.” Friends of the Center, donors anddignitaries attended, where they watched a play the children put on dedicatedto the abolishment of conflict, crime and violence around the world. At the end, they placed a symbolic clay dove in the hands of each guest. Their wish is simple: to live in a peacefulworld. Indeed, peace is something we all hope for you this Christmas. May your holidays be filled with joy. From all of us at FAR, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! FAR will be taking our communications breakthrough January 6th. See you in 2016. Warmly, Garnik Nanagoulian

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[FAR New York]: FAR ANSEF Chairman is Honored by NASA for Life Time Achievement standard

Dr. Yervant Terzian, the David C. Duncan Professor in the Physical Sciences, Department of Astronomy, Cornell University, was awarded to NASA Lifetime Achievement Award last month. He is one of the prominent modern astronomers, known in the fields of physics of the interstellar medium, planetary nebulae, galaxies, radio astronomy, and others. He is one of the Armenian Astronomical Society Co-Presidents and the Chairman of the Research Council of Armenian National Science and Education Fund. Terzian was born on February 9, 1939, in Alexandria, Egypt. His father was an Armenian and his mother, a Greek; hence, having Armenian-Greek origin, Terzian is considered both as a great Armenian and Greek astronomer. He finished the Kalousdian Armenian School in Cairo, then studied at ...

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Scholarship Established as Legacy to One of FAR’s Most Valued Leaders standard

Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) wishes to recognize the achievements of the Vice Chair of its Board of Directors Annette Choolfaian, who our organization has had the privilege to work with since its inception. Ms. Choolfaian recently retired after a 50-year illustrious career through which she has worked to improve the healthcare, both at home and abroad. She has spent the past two decades as Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management at New York Medical College (NYMC). As a testament to her role as a transformative and innovative force in the field of public health, NYMC’s board of trustees recently bestowed upon her the honor of professor emeritus. Further, in order to create a more fitting legacy for ...

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I Remember, I Demand, from the Fund for Armenian Relief standard

My Dearest Friend of FAR, The year 2015 affects each and every Armenian. This is a time when we are inherently forced to look back and think about – really think about – what happened to us and, if we push beyond that, at what could have happened to us a century ago. Armenians could have been exterminated, our culture and heritage wiped from the earth save for a mention in a chapter of some esoteric history books. We, as a people, would be extinct. That was the intent of the miserable perpetrators of this heinous crime, one we can now define with a single, cutting word: genocide. Had the architects of the genocide succeeded the world would have been ...

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[FAR News]: FAR’s Collaboration with Knights of Vartan Highlighted in The Armenian Mirror-Spectator standard

FAR was recently featured in The Armenian Mirror-Spectator about a shipment of much-needed equipment and supplies on its way to hospitals, medical clinics and schools in the Tavush Region. The shipment is expected to arrive in the next two weeks thanks to the efforts of the Cambridge-based Knights of Vartan who partnered with FAR on the needs assessment and coordination for the distributions.

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[FAR New York]: New Fund to Support Musical Education in Gyumri standard

FAR is pleased to announce the start of the new “Galoust Galo Educational Fund”, which will exclusively support Gyumri’s Octet School of Music. The fund is made possible through the support of Ms. Edna Galo of New York. It was in 2006 that Edna first heard about the Octet School where more than 200 young and talented musicians pursued their studies in classical and folk music despite sub-par housing conditions until massive renovations were completed in 2013 through the support of the Mardigian Family Foundation. A passionate lover of music, Edna soon became a dedicated supporter of Octet. “I was brought up in a family where music was highly appreciated. My Father, Galoust Galo, studied the violin when we lived in ...

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