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[ANSEF]: ANSEF Enables Renowned Scientist to Pursue his Passion image

Aram Petrosyan and his dedicated team of four scientists have found a new crystal. It’s called Ferroelectric a-KIO3.HIO3 and it can be used in the construction of medical equipment, from hearing devices to defibrillators, and for military equipment, including night vision scopes, and even in drugs and as food additives.

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[FAR New York]: Margaret Ahnert has become a Role Model for Journalism Students image

More than 50 students came dressed in their finest for a special meeting to say thanks to their benefactor – renowned American-Armenian writer and journalist Margaret Ahnert. They were bubbling with energy and excitement to meet with the woman who believed in them and gave them a chance to delve into the world of journalism.

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[FAR New York]: Margaret Ahnert Continues to Empower Armenian Female Journalists image

Margaret Ahnert is a household name in Armenia, especially among aspiring young female journalists. As a philanthropist who cares about empowering the young talents of Armenia in the media, the celebrated author of the award-winning book The Knock at the Door: A Journey Through the Darkness of the Armenian Genocide is a frequent visitor to and activist for the nation of her roots.

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Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! image

Dear Friend of FAR, Last week, the kids from FAR’s Children’s Center organized their own event called “Children Promote World Peace.” Friends of the Center, donors anddignitaries attended, where they watched a play the children put on dedicatedto the abolishment of conflict, crime and violence around the world. At the end, they placed a symbolic clay dove in the hands of each guest. Their wish is simple: to live in a peacefulworld. Indeed, peace is something we all hope for you this Christmas. May your holidays be filled with joy. From all of us at FAR, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! FAR will be taking our communications breakthrough January 6th. See you in 2016. Warmly, Garnik Nanagoulian

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