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[BCPP]: “Young Astronomers” from Berd Rewarded with a Visit to Famous Observatory image

For the past four years FAR has cooperated with Byurakan through a partnership that has brought schoolchildren to the observatory during their vacation to explore its many facilities, interact with local researchers, observe the sky through the telescope, and also do some nearby trekking.

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[BCPP]: Berd Extracurricular Groups Reveal Young Talents image

As thousands of Armenian children packed their bags for summer getaways, our hobby group students find inspiration back at school. With sparkling eyes and beaming smiles, they hurry to class to paint, to learn Armenian folk music and to prepare songs and dances for performances. They especially love exploring topics such as the motherland, religion, sightseeing, favorite cartoons, and animals.

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[FAR Schools]: Renovations Provide Nurturing Learning Environments image

8-year-old Elen is counting on her fingers the number of concerts she has performed in while studying at the Argavand Music School named after Maestro Arsen Sayan. “One, two, three, hmmm…, four…, yes four,” she chuckles, looking at her mom who has come to watch and record her daughter’s annual concert. Elen plays the piano and also sings.

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