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[Child Poverty Reduction]: Greenhouse Enables a Rural Family to Thrive image

  For more than seven years, Lusine Mkhitaryan, 40, and her husband Lego, 44, have lived and raised their family in Burastan – one of the villages of the Ararat Region. A low income and no sustainable job had long become a source of anxiety for the couple, especially with their eldest child Julieta, 18, who has vision problems, for which she receives a meager $33 illness benefit from the state – not enough to cover the cost of her medications or doctor visits. Julieta and her four siblings – Laura, 17, Ashkhen, 16, Saro, 14, Samvel, 5, attend the village school. For many years, the family’s modest income was comprised of a state benefit – $86 (42,000 AMD) and ...

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[Ayo!]: Gyumri Easter Concert to Say Ayo! to EyeCare image

  On April 18, FAR’s fundraising platform Ayo! together with the Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) organized an Easter event with a goal to spread joy and happiness among the elders attending FAR’s Gyumri Soup Kitchen and to raise awareness on the recently launched EyeCare Project. More than 50 elders enjoyed the Easter concert featuring the young students of the Gyumri Octet Music School – with a varied repertoire from Armenian classical music and songs to Armenian folk dances. Arman and Vardanush have been attending the music school for more than two years. Arman, 14, plays the santur: “I have chosen my favorite song – “Anurjner” (Dreams) by our Gyumri composer Khachatur Avetisyan and with my performance, I want to ...

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[FAR Schools:] Friends of Gavar Special School Make Big Changes Happen image

One of the best parts of our work are the compassionate supporters whose dedication knows no bounds. They inspire us, day after day, year after year. In continuation of their years of previous support, the Friends of Gavar Special School of New York accomplished a great deal in 2016. They funded the renovations of the school’s roof, five new dorm rooms, and the kitchen and cafeteria for which they also purchased new equipment.

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[FAR Social Services]: Raising Support for Post-Conflict Syrian-Armenians standard

The war in Syria rages on, killing hundreds of thousands and displacing millions. The Syrian-Armenians who were forced to flee their homes and who found shelter in Armenia are still in need of financial assistance, psychological support, and much more. FAR has had a small but important role in helping Syrian-Armenians rebuild their lives in Armenia, most recently helping nine determined students to be able to attend college. Earlier this year, the Center for Coordination of Syrian-Armenian Issues, a local NGO, approached FAR for assistance. Students were chosen as beneficiaries of FAR`s Scholarship Programs based on their levels of need. FAR has agreed to cover 25% of their tuition fees, with the other 75% covered by the Armenian government, AGBU, ...

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[FAR Social Services]: BCPP Aims to Strengthen Bonds Among the Youth of Armenia’s Border Region standard

December 19 was an unprecedented day for the youth of the Berd Region. As part of FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program, the border village of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur hosted more than 100 young men and women from neighboring Paravakar, Tsaghkavan, Chinari, Chinchin and Tavush villages to discuss the greatest challenges in their communities and brainstorm possible solutions. The dynamic discussion included many topics, which ranged from routine household struggles to broad cultural issues. For the youth who attended, however, the most important goal of the initiative was getting to know each other. Chinari resident Geghecik Vanyan was very impressed with the youth event. “It was joyful. I am so happy we were invited here. I really got a lot ...

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[FAR Soup Kitchens]: A Glimpse of Helping the Hungry standard

On September 4, FAR officially opened two soup kitchens in the cities of Byureghavan and Nor Hajn, both located in the Kotayk Region. The kitchens have been operating since the spring and host 300 people – mostly elderly, the disabled and large families – every day thanks to kindness and generosity of the Hacet Family from Louisville, KY, USA. Watch our new video and get a better idea of how these soup kitchens really help those who need it most.

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[FAR Social Programs:] Nurturing Craftsmanship for Schoolchildren in Border Villages standard

From a very young age, 7th grader Gayane Makaryan has loved to watch her grandmother knit. She was always mesmerized watching the needles dart quickly between her grandmother’s nimble fingers, as a pair of socks seemed to magically materialize from the frenetic movements. “As a child, I would have never dreamed that one day I would be able to create something out of thread so quickly. And now it takes me only a few minutes to create beautiful and unique ornaments from different threads,” says Gayane. As of last January, she has been participating in handicraft courses in the Tavush region’s village of Chinari. Gayane’s teacher Varsenik Ordyan says that Gayane is quite talented and very absorbent. She has been ...

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[FAR Social Services]: Happy Families – The Best Feedback standard

Here at FAR, each time we see happy and satisfied families in Armenia, we are reminded of the monumental efforts that FAR’s generous supporters and donors put forth on a regular basis. FAR’s network and community of support grows each day, and the impact is made palpable in myriad ways. One such example occurred when Berd’s Pastor Father Aram Mirzoyan, a very dear friend of FAR, met with families of the Tsaghkavan village. Father Aram spoke to them about family preservation and patriotism, and blessed the village children and their parents with his warmest wishes. The meeting was initiated by the social workers of FAR’s Berd Office that operates within the social component of the Breaking the Cycle of Poverty ...

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