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[FAR Yerevan]: This Year’s Chocolate Bank to Engage U.S. Parishes image

Two years ago a very successful initiative of FAR brought some extra holiday joy to some of the most vulnerable children in Armenia. More than 800 children who live in the dangerous Tavush Region, on the border with Azerbaijan and well within the range of frequent cross-border gunfire, received gifts of candy and chocolate just in time for the holidays. The “Chocolate Bank” initiative, which was organized by FAR’s own Helena Melkonyan and Anna Grigoryan, raised enough money from concerned Armenians in Yerevan to collect more than 500 kilos of sweets for these children from 260 families covered by FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP). The initiative was a huge success and brought plenty of happiness to some children who really, really needed it.

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[FAR Yerevan]: Supporting Discourse Through Public Forums image

To support public debate on topics relevant to Armenia today, one of FAR’s most recent initiatives is the facilitation of discussion forums. The first event in the new annual series, held on May 13th, was about the newly launched licensing system for doctors in Armenia. Under these new regulations, in order to receive their professional certification physicians must acquire more than 200 credits through continuous professional development by regularly attending courses, trainings and conferences. Previously, all medical institutions were responsible for passing licensing exams and meeting requirements, which led to decreased motivation and ownership amongst doctors and their own credentials.

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Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! image

Dear Friend of FAR, Last week, the kids from FAR’s Children’s Center organized their own event called “Children Promote World Peace.” Friends of the Center, donors anddignitaries attended, where they watched a play the children put on dedicatedto the abolishment of conflict, crime and violence around the world. At the end, they placed a symbolic clay dove in the hands of each guest. Their wish is simple: to live in a peacefulworld. Indeed, peace is something we all hope for you this Christmas. May your holidays be filled with joy. From all of us at FAR, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! FAR will be taking our communications breakthrough January 6th. See you in 2016. Warmly, Garnik Nanagoulian

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I Remember, I Demand, from the Fund for Armenian Relief standard

My Dearest Friend of FAR, The year 2015 affects each and every Armenian. This is a time when we are inherently forced to look back and think about – really think about – what happened to us and, if we push beyond that, at what could have happened to us a century ago. Armenians could have been exterminated, our culture and heritage wiped from the earth save for a mention in a chapter of some esoteric history books. We, as a people, would be extinct. That was the intent of the miserable perpetrators of this heinous crime, one we can now define with a single, cutting word: genocide. Had the architects of the genocide succeeded the world would have been ...

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I Remember, I Demand: The Words of FAR’s Field Officers standard

  The word “relief” is the key in our organization’s name, and it is pursued in its broadest sense. It is not just about providing immediate assistance. The majority of our activities, programs, projects and interventions are for the development and investment in a brighter future for Armenia. By helping disadvantaged families, providing kindergartens with nutritious meals, improving school infrastructure, supporting youth to pursue higher education and young researchers to stay and work in Armenia, we are bringing up healthier generations. We are empowering families and communities so that no one in the world would ever put to test our determination to live on the land of our ancestors and improve the future of our homeland.   — Bagrat Sargsyan, ...

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[FAR Yerevan]: Old Friend, New Achievements: Mr. Sayan’s Visit to Yerevan standard

September was a very eventful month for FAR. Along with opening three playgrounds and an indoor gymnasium in the Tavush region, as well as two soup kitchens in the Kotayk region of Armenia, we hosted an educator, artist, philanthropist, and honorary professor of the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory Arsen Sayan for a entire week in Yerevan. Maestro Sayan was in Armenia to officially open the Argavand Music School that was renovated by FAR thanks to his generous donation. In a gesture of deep appreciation and respect, the Argavand, Ararat community has renamed the school after him. Maestro Sayan used the time before the official ceremony very productively. During his week in Yerevan he visited his dear Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory ...

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