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[Health Programs]: With Changes in Healthcare Requirements, CME Remains a Top Program for Armenia’s Doctors image

For more than a decade FAR, through its Continuing Medical Education Program (CME), has been one of the pioneers of greater support for professional development opportunities for the regional doctors who need it most, as well as a leader in pushing for positive reform of Armenia’s healthcare system. The most recent change in this area is the country’s move to update its licensing regulations for medical providers. Previously, all medical institutions were responsible for passing licensing exams and meeting requirements, which led to doctors’ decreased motivation and ownership regarding their own credentials. With the recent change, doctors are now mandated to be individually responsible for their licenses and ensure that they meet the requirements in order to continue to practice. ...

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[Health Programs]: An Agent in Heroism image

Pediatrician Dr. Susanna Ayvazyan is already the healthcare provider for her second-generation of patients—the children for whose mothers and fathers she began seeing 25 years ago when she first started working at Berd Medical Center. After graduating from Yerevan State Medical University, she and her husband moved from Yerevan to Tavush Province to live with his family. Today, she has more than 950 patients from Berd City and Verin Karmiraghbyur Village. “I love my job. I do it with passion,” said the 53-year-old. “I especially love my little patients. I know nearly everyone by their face. Working in the provinces is a bit challenging but one of the best things about it is that people are very honest here. Living ...

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[CME]: One Man’s Way to Serve His People image

Radiologist Dr. Aram Danielyan is one of the trainers for FAR’s Continuing Medical Education program (CME) who has supervised at total of 18 doctors at Yerevan’s Diagnostica Medical Center over the last 10 years. “Not only am I helping doctors who work in the provinces but I also learn a lot from them,” he said, adding that it is a pleasure for him to volunteer his time. CME provides month-long professional development training at Yerevan’s leading medical centers for doctors from Armenia’s provinces and Nagorno-Karabakh. “Doctors who work in the rural provinces have a rather different working environment than in Yerevan. There are emergency physicians and doctors working in regional hospitals whose experience is very important and useful for me. I ...

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[Health Programs]: Healthier Children, Healthier Futures standard

FAR’s Child Poverty Reduction Program has made it possible for eight children from Artashat City and its surrounding villages to receive necessary medical treatment, including surgery, at some of Yerevan’s leading hospitals. These major achievements have been made possible through the help of Ms Arpine Hovnanian who has supported the addition of a healthcare component to the program, which started this year. Its main objective is to detect and resolve any health problems for children whose treatments do not qualify for state-funded medical assistance. In cooperation with local physicians, FAR’s health team visited Artashat Medical Center in Ararat Province to meet with children who were treated through the program. Parents came to the meeting with letters in hand, thanking the ...

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[FAR Health Programs]: FAR Celebrates 10 Years of Success in One of Its Most Important Programs standard

Having trained physicians from some of the nation’s most remote regions, FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, has truly contributed to changing the face of medical care in Armenia. By enabling doctors to further their professional development through advanced medical training, networking and improved access to key resources, CME has proved crucial toward contributing to the development of a more balanced and improved healthcare system. Both FAR staff and participants commemorated the success of the past decade on September 18th at Yerevan’s National Medical Library. “I want to say thank you to FAR and its staff. I also want to emphasize that this is just the beginning. Every doctor in Yerevan who is ...

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Pediatric Intensive Care Course Demonstrates Wide Impact standard

Two years ago FAR’s Continuing Medical Education Program launched its special training series focused on intensive pediatric care at Muratsan University Hospital in Yerevan. It was made possible thanks to the generosity of the chair of FAR’s Board of Directors Randy Sapah-Gulian and the Sapah-Gulian Foundation. The course gave doctors and nurses the opportunity to learn more about intensive pediatric care from leading U.S. pediatricians and critical care specialists. Part of FAR’s long-term goal for the Pediatric Fundamentals of Critical Care Support (PFCCS) program following its launch in 2013, was to empower participants to build intensive care capacity and ultimately be able to train other Armenian healthcare professionals. Six physicians who graduated with excellence showed great promise to eventually become ...

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[Health Care]: NML's Medical Journal Receives International Notoriety standard

As a continuous supporter of Armenia’s National Medical Library (NML) we at FAR are proud to share the recent successes of NML’s Armenian Medical Review Journal, which is now endorsed by the Cochrane Library and the World Association of Medical Editors, elevating the journal to one recognized by the international medical community. “There are currently 14 scientific medical magazines published in Armenia; ours is the only one that is now included in these important international platforms,” said Rouben Hovhannessyan, Chief Editor for the journal. “We are very proud of that. This is very prestigious not only for our library but Armenia as a whole.” The Armenian Medical Review Journal was established more than 10 years ago in order to bring ...

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[FAR Healthcare]: Karabagh Seminars Help Professional Growth standard

Last October, FAR organized two full-day seminars on modern trends in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as the infectious diseases in Nagorno Karabakh with support from the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization. More than 50 doctors from Stepanakert and other regions attended. Watch the video prepared by FAR’s staff in Stepanakert, which shares the atmosphere of the trainings and feedback from participants.

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[FAR Health Programs]: Library Reading Room Dedicated to the late Dr. Edgar Housepian standard

The newly renovated National Medical Library opened its doors at the end of December with a special ceremony. The library’s revamped reading room was dedicated to the late neurologist and co-founder of FAR’s Health Program Dr. Edgar Housepian. Friends and former health ministers who personally knew Dr. Housepian, as well as Armenia’s current Health Minister Armen Muradyan, paid their respects to this great humanitarian and his immeasurable contribution to the lives of Armenians and development of their health care system. “Dr. Housepian was a great humanitarian – one of the most humble but also one of the most generous of FAR’s supporters. It was thanks to his continuous attention that we managed to renovate and make this library such a ...

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