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[Healthcare]: Heritage of Hope standard

For the last 10 years, FAR’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) program has been providing a unique opportunity for regional doctors to master innovative approaches, methods, and technologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan. The program was initiated by the FAR Fellowship Alumni Association (FARFAA), many of whom act as mentors to regional doctors. CME is the logical continuation of the alumni doctors’ training outside of Armenia, which was led by the honored Dr. Edgar Housepian – one of three leaders who created the Fund for Armenian Relief after the devastating earthquake of 1988. This short film tells the story of Dr. Housepian’s engagement with FAR and the establishment of professional development programs for Armenia’s doctors as a way to improve ...

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[Healthcare]: Exploring Ways to Overcome Poor Nutrition standard

Efforts to kick off the healthcare component of FAR’s new project Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, began earlier this month with the start of a clinical investigation at Berd Medical Center in Tavush marz. The program’s healthcare component focuses on identifying the most common problems linked to poor nutrition in children ages six months to six years, and also explore ways the education system can help to better provide children with access to balanced nutrition. The lab and pediatric departments of Berd Medical Center have received all needed equipment and supplies to carry out the study, and FAR’s Medical Program Coordinator Dr. Hambartzum Simonyan came to observe the start of the investigation. The community has already expressed their great interest ...

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[Healthcare]: American Neuroanesthesiologist Visits Armenia standard

Dr. Rafi Avitsian, a neuroanasthesiologist from the Cleveland Clinic in the United States traveled to Armenia in September to share his professional experiences with his compatriots. On September 15, he spoke at a neuroanasthesiology seminar in Yerevan that was organized by FAR and the Armenian Society of Anesthesiologists in collaboration with Medassist Medical Center. FAR Healthcare and Social Programs director Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan and Medassist Medical Center Director Dr. Harutyun Mangoyan commenced the seminar, which had drawn interest from several regions of Armenia. On September 16, Dr. Avitsian met with a diverse group of physicians, including Yerevan State Medical University professors and FAR CME trainers during an informal gathering at the Republic Scientific Medical Library organized by FAR and FARFAA. Dr. Avistian informed the physicians about a unique medical ...

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[Healthcare]: A Pediatric Care Course for Armenian Doctors standard

On July 17, US Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern visited the “Muratsan” University Hospital in Yerevan, where the Fund for Armenian Relief conducted a special course on intensive pediatric care. “In our mutual relationships, we are not doing buildings or bricks any more, we do people exchanges. This is why I wanted to come and thank you and see it [the course] for myself,” Ambassador Heffern said in his speech. The Ambassador greeted the visiting doctors from leading hospitals of the United States, as well as the local participants and organizers of the special course. The day before, the Ambassador had welcomed the group of visiting U.S. doctors and FAR representatives at the U.S. Embassy where he was introduced to ...

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[Healthcare]: Developing Health Capability for BCPP standard

In June, a group of physicians from Berd and Paravakar visited the FAR Yerevan office. The visit marked the first steps in implementing FAR’s newly launched Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Project (BCPP) initiative. The physicians, among whom are family physicians, laboratory physicians, and pediatricians, are among the staff whose potential will be deployed in eight communities of the Tavush region of Armenia. BCPP plans to assess and solve the malnutrition problem in the region among children aged six months to six years old. In addition to such meetings at the FAR office, the physicians also regularly attend special trainings organized by FAR’s Continuing Medical Education program. These trainings take place at the “Arabkir” Medical Center and “Muratsan” Hospital Complex ...

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[Healthcare]: Both Scientific and Practical standard

On April 26 healthcare professionals from different provinces of Armenia and Artsakh came together in FAR’s Yerevan office to attend two different lectures. The participants were the 90th and most current group of Continuing Medical Education (CME) trainees who had come to the end of their month-long training in Yerevan. One lecture was delivered by child infectious disease specialist and CME trainer Dr. Hripsime Apresyan on the flu and the risk of transmission. The actuality of the topic derived from the alleged risks that have been associated with H1N1 virus as a recent problem in both local and global perspectives. Afterwards, haematologist and CME trainer Dr. Yervand Hakobyan talked about the blood coagulation system, focusing on precedent-based practical methodologies of ...

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[Healthcare]: A Good Tradition standard

For FAR’s Continuing Medical Education program participants, specialized lectures at the Republican Scientific Medical Library (RSML) have already become a tradition. Organized by FAR within its CME program and in cooperation with RSML, a most recent lecture featured specialists who had contributed to the realization of previous seminars. The topics of the session included “Law and Health” presented by Violetta Zopunyan, “Palliative Care” presented by Artashes Tadevosyan, “Blood Coagulation” by Yervand Hakobyan, and “Evidence-Based Medicine” delivered by Prof. Ruben Hovhannisyan. During his talk, Professor Hovhannisyan introduced the Armenian Medical Review Journal, the printing of which has been funded by FAR ever since the journal was founded. The doctors learned about the criteria of having their own studies published in the ...

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