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[FAR Children’s Center]: Syunik Becomes Fourth Location to Host Potential Foster Care Families image

Alone, malnourished, and uncared for… In Armenia, there are more than 3,000 children placed in orphanages who have previously suffered the effects of neglect, abuse, and abandonment with no one else to turn to. With this in mind, FAR Children’s Center has pioneered a Foster Care Program aimed to make an impact on the lives of children in need and find them nurturing homes with foster parents.

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[FAR Social Services]: Raising Support for Post-Conflict Syrian-Armenians standard

The war in Syria rages on, killing hundreds of thousands and displacing millions. The Syrian-Armenians who were forced to flee their homes and who found shelter in Armenia are still in need of financial assistance, psychological support, and much more. FAR has had a small but important role in helping Syrian-Armenians rebuild their lives in Armenia, most recently helping nine determined students to be able to attend college. Earlier this year, the Center for Coordination of Syrian-Armenian Issues, a local NGO, approached FAR for assistance. Students were chosen as beneficiaries of FAR`s Scholarship Programs based on their levels of need. FAR has agreed to cover 25% of their tuition fees, with the other 75% covered by the Armenian government, AGBU, ...

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[FAR Economic Programs]: The Kind of Help That Strengthens a Family standard

The Poghosyan family starts life very early in the morning. During the summer Andranik, 44, usually arrives at the market at 3am to sell vegetables from the family`s garden. “Today I was selling onions. It was okay. Selling vegetables is more to help with everyday expenses; our main income comes from animals,” said Andranik, who lives with his family in Marmarashen Village in Ararat Province. The Poghosyans are beneficiaries of FAR’s Child Poverty Reduction Program, through which they receive aid that helps to stabilize their finances. “When we were allocated some money by the program we decided that it would be better to buy more animals. So we did. Now, we have two piglets and 60 chicks. They will really ...

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Charitable Trust for Vulnerable Children Established in Memory of Ralph Rafi Hovnanian standard

In 2009, UNICEF defined child poverty as “one of the most acute manifestations of human poverty”. In Armenia, it is one of the most critical problems facing a large portion of the younger generation, particularly in rural areas. Growing up in poverty can lead to malnourishment, it can hinder a child`s development, and it may typically lead to life-long problems. In the wake of UNICEF`s disturbing report, FAR launched the Ararat Child Poverty Reduction Program in 2013 to decrease Armenia`s child poverty rate. Its success has been made possible by FAR supporter Arpine Hovnanian of Evanston, Illinois. Through the provision of targeted assistance to children and their families who are at risk, the program links its beneficiaries with the services ...

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[Armenian Life]: Working for a Better Life on the Border standard

  Being that it’s International Women’s Day we at FAR thought we’d share a video with you about FAR’s Berd Office team, who have operated FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP)* for the past two years. The team’s job is not an easy one, but these seven strong women social workers do their best to help 260 families in the city of Berd and several surrounding villages in Armenia’s Tavush Province. All of these villages are at constant risk from cross-border shooting.     * Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, Developing Thriving Communities (BCPP) was founded by the Mardigian Family Foundation through the largest contribution ever made to FAR. BCPP Program is to comprehensively address social, economic, health, ...

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[FAR Social Services]: A Sweet Treat for the Children of Armenia’s Border Towns standard

A bright smile on the face of 12-year-old Hermine is a huge reward when it comes to project feedback. Hermine lives in the border village of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur in Tavush Province. Her days are accompanied by the sound of gunfire along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. In addition to FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP)*, which aims to holistically address social, economic, health, educational and family issues in Tavush in order to improve life in its communities, FAR also tries to bring moments of joy to beneficiaries in unexpected ways whenever we can. Our “Chocolate Bank” was one such way. FAR and Ayo! staff collected more than 500 kilos of sweets through a recent Facebook campaign, which called on companies, ...

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[FAR Social Services]: BCPP Aims to Strengthen Bonds Among the Youth of Armenia’s Border Region standard

December 19 was an unprecedented day for the youth of the Berd Region. As part of FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program, the border village of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur hosted more than 100 young men and women from neighboring Paravakar, Tsaghkavan, Chinari, Chinchin and Tavush villages to discuss the greatest challenges in their communities and brainstorm possible solutions. The dynamic discussion included many topics, which ranged from routine household struggles to broad cultural issues. For the youth who attended, however, the most important goal of the initiative was getting to know each other. Chinari resident Geghecik Vanyan was very impressed with the youth event. “It was joyful. I am so happy we were invited here. I really got a lot ...

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[FAR Social Services]: New Initiative Aims to Repair the Road to VOAH standard

Recently residents of FAR’s Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) found out that many of the rooms in their home are named for the generous people who took part in supporting a very important initiative of Sahan Arzruni. A great supporter of VOAH for the past 14 years, Mr. Arzruni has initiated a successful fundraising campaign to rehabilitate the road leading to the VOAH building. Now, the home is adorned with plaques inscribed with lines like, “In Memory of Vagharshak and Shooshanig Shahinian from their Granddaughter Sandra Shahinian.” Others read, “Nazar and Artemis Nazarian Dining Hall”, “In Memory of Adrina Zanazanian,” and “In Memory of Shahab and Anahid Zanazanian.” These are all the major donors. Since 2002, FAR has been handling everyday ...

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[FAR Social Services]: New Start of the Social Project Brings Hope to More standard

As fall approaches its end, the FAR Children’s Center staff finishes monitoring of new families, included in the Child Poverty reduction program implemented in Armenia’s Ararat region. This year’s start of the project, designed for five years, was done on August 1st to include 50 more large families with three and more children to help overcome social and everyday problems with comprehensive support. Families in the Ararat regions Artashat and Masis cities, as well as their surrounding villages, have many issues: financial, social, psychological, and family. Last year, the staff of Children’s Center was able to help 61 such families through its Child Poverty Reduction Program in the Ararat region. Large families of the Ararat region are able to receive support ...

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