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Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GITC)


The goal of GITC is to promote the development of programming and technology in the Northern Armenia, in order to decentralize the IT industry from the capital city of Yerevan to other regions.

    The objectives of the project are:
  • To prepare specialists with the skills demanded by the current IT market
  • To promote employment and business development by creating attractive conditions and terms for international and local investment
  • To supplement the primary teaching program with short term IT-based and programming- based courses in response to current market demand
  • To increase the opportunities of e-society, promoting the development of modern technologies in all social spheres

    Types of Services
    Academic Services:
  • Summer Preliminary Courses
  • Two-year main courses in web and mobile technologies
  • Short-term elective trainings
  • On request/on job trainings
  • Online courses/mobile learning

    IT and Programming Services
  • Security and trusted applications
  • Business intelligence applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Client/server applications
  • Data uploading/retrieving systems
  • Desktop applications
  • Server side applications
  • Networking applications
  • Distributed system development
  • Web Services and all scope of web applications
  • E-commerce & e-business
  • Social networks
  • Portals, blogs and forums
  • Banking and financial applications
  • Mail platforms (WebMail, WebDAV/Pop3/IMAP protocols)
  • Search engines
  • Data indexing and retrieval

Date of Inception

  • Amalya Yeghoyan – GITC executive director
  • Karen Sargsyan – FAR representative

Average Annual budget

Number of Beneficiaries

  • UNICEF Armenia
  • Enterprise Incubator Foundation