The ultimate goal of the program is to promote social justice through ensuring availability of resources.


    The program’s objectives are:

  • To identify university students who demonstrate excellent academic progress but are in need of financial aid
  • To provide financial aid to cover undergraduate and post-graduate university tuition for identified students annually
  • To facilitate networking between outstanding students and graduates within Armenia through FAR
  • To instill the notion of philanthropy in these young Armenians

Types of Services

Tuition costs on a need-basis for four-year undergraduate and two-year graduate curriculum for outstanding students admitted to:
  • Armenian State Engineering University
  • Armenian State University of Architecture and Construction
  • Armenian State University of Economics
  • Gavar State University
  • State Agrarian Academy
  • State Pedagogical University
  • Yerevan State Conservatory
  • Yerevan State University
  • Monthly stipend to cover costs such as transportation, books, and supplies
  • Financial awards to students demonstrating excellent academic progress
  • Organization of events to familiarize the scholars with labor market trends
  • Organization of civic actions with scholars’ participation
    The Program Portfolio includes the following scholarship programs:

  • A. Berberian Scholarship Program
  • Armine and Garabed Zambak Scholarship Program
  • Avetis and Arsho Baghsarian Scholarship Program
  • Daughters of Vardan Scholarship Program
  • Ester Ajemian Scholarship Program
  • Jerair Nishanian Scholarship program
  • Mardigian Scholarship Program
  • Mathevosian Scholarship program
  • Philadelphia Scholarship Program
  • Sayan Scholarship Program
  • Thomas Garapetian Scholarship Program
  • Toufayan Scholarship Program

Date of Inception

Edward Karapetyan, FAR Education and Science Program Coordinator

Average Annual Budget
$100 000

Number of Beneficiaries (last 3 years) 236 students in 2011
222 students in 2012
262 students in 201310622931_548990415202329_828174155908149905_n 10622931_548990415202329_828174155908149905_n

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