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[BCPP]: Five More Schools Renovated in Tavush Province image

The children could hardly contain their excitement as their guests gathered in their kindergarten’s newly renovated kitchen. For more than 35 years, generations of children at the school had become comfortable with the kitchen’s musty walls and its damaged floor, windows, and doors. There had been no appropriate space to prepare daily meals, and no actual place where the children could sit and eat their food.

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[BCPP]: Six More Villages to be Covered by FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program image

Six new villages will be covered as part of FAR's Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), which recently began its fourth year of helping communities in Tavush Province's Berd Region. One hundred and five families from the villages of Movses, Verin Karmiraghbyur, Choratan, Norashen, Navur and Itsaqar were chosen to receive support, which will include the creation of individual family stabilization plans by our social workers that will enable each family to access what they need to pull themselves out of poverty, including vocational skills development, medical care, educational opportunities and financial support, among other things.

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[CASP]: Despite Daily Difficulties, CASP Child Still has Hope standard

With a dream of one day becoming a computer programmer, 15-year-old Edmon Harutyunyan spends much of his time helping to install or update software programs on his neighbor’s computers in Paravakar. Free of charge, of course. “I won’t accept payment. It’s shameful for me to even talk about that,” said Edmon. “There are only two or three people in the village who can do this, and one of them is me. I know everything about programming. I am good on informatics at school and I always get at least a nine out of ten on my exams.” Edmon’s father died of a heart attack four years ago and his older sister moved away when she got married. When Edmon’s brother ...

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[BCPP]: Youth in Focus standard

Two hundred young people participated in October’s Berd City 4K race, which was organized as part of FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP). As the residents of Tavush Province live with a fragile peace each day along the Azeri border, the atmosphere of the villages in this region are typically tense. It is not unusual for the days to be disrupted by cross-border gunfire. The primary purpose of the race was to help the community focus around a collective event, illustrating the positive potential of working in solidarity with one another. The race was also a wonderful opportunity to change the mood of the community, if only for a little while. Narkin Karmiraghbyur resident Gevorg Adamyan , 19, ...

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[FAR Child Protection]: Children on the Border Celebrate the First Day in their “New” Kindergarten standard

As many around the globe today celebrate International Children’s Day , we at FAR want to share a video about the powerful impact one of our projects has had on children. March 18th was a truly special day for nearly all 600 residents of Chinchin Village in Armenia’s Tavush Province, as it marked the official opening of the village’s newly renovated kindergarten. This is just one of several FAR programs that help the children of Armenia. *The improvements to Chinchin’s kindergarten were made as part of FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program, which is funded by the Mardigian Family Foundation.

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[FAR Schools]: Newly Renovated Schools to Improve Educational Opportunity for Armenia’s Border Villages standard

March 18 was a truly special day for nearly all 600 residents of Chinchin Village in Armenia’s Tavush Province, as it marked the official opening of the town’s newly renovated kindergarten and secondary vocational school. The improvements were made as part of FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program. The kindergarten’s 60-year-old building was previously in such poor condition that some parents stopped bringing their children to school because they felt the structure wasn’t safe or clean enough. “This great gift made to our kindergarten will create positive changes in our lives,” said Principal Lilit Arakelyan with great joy. “We already have 20 kids attending school instead of the 14 we had prior to the renovation.” The same day Chinchin ...

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[FAR Social Services]: BCPP Aims to Strengthen Bonds Among the Youth of Armenia’s Border Region standard

December 19 was an unprecedented day for the youth of the Berd Region. As part of FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program, the border village of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur hosted more than 100 young men and women from neighboring Paravakar, Tsaghkavan, Chinari, Chinchin and Tavush villages to discuss the greatest challenges in their communities and brainstorm possible solutions. The dynamic discussion included many topics, which ranged from routine household struggles to broad cultural issues. For the youth who attended, however, the most important goal of the initiative was getting to know each other. Chinari resident Geghecik Vanyan was very impressed with the youth event. “It was joyful. I am so happy we were invited here. I really got a lot ...

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[FAR Health programs]: Conference Aims to Combat Malnutrition standard

FAR never misses a chance to raise awareness about malnutrition. With a project that specifically focuses on eradicating this issue, FAR took the opportunity this fall to host a conference on nutrition led by Columbia University endocrinologist and osteopath Dr. John Bilezikian. The conference focused specifically on the importance of children’s diets and also access to iodine. FAR has been examining children malnutrition problems in Armenia’s Tavush province and has made positive progress after implementing a multi-component strategy through its Malnutrition Program as part of Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program. Dr. Kim Hekimian from Columbia University, who also spoke at the conference, brought forth FAR’s work in battling malnutrition as an example. Dr. Hekimian highlighted the fact that 22 ...

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