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[FAR Health Programs]: New Healthcare Initiative to Bring International Attention to Armenia’s Doctors image

FAR has always been an innovator in Armenia, and this is especially true when it comes to our healthcare programs, which have broad impact. One of our recent projects is no exception. A new cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Republican Scientific-Medical Library of the Ministry of Health of Armenia (RSML), entitled "Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative" (SORTIT).

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[YPT]: The Most Resilient, Resourceful, and Obstinate People standard

by Adam Rosenblatt My first experience of Armenia on the FAR Young Professionals trip was nothing short of profound, in all ways. 10 years ago, I was only dimly aware of Armenia’s existence at all. My closest point of reference for the entirety of Armenian culture was Serj Tankian and System of a Down. I began my rather rapid education of all things Armenian in 2010 when I started dating the girl who would eventually be my wife. She lived the first years of her life in Yerevan, and has visited regularly since leaving. She would often make comments like “These bell peppers are nothing like the ones in Armenia,” or “This bread reminds me of Armenian Matnakash, only Matnakash ...

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[YPT]: A Journey of Discovery standard

This year marked the 18th year that enthusiastic young professionals discovered their homeland with FAR during the Young Professionals Trip (YPT) to Armenia 2013. The trip participants, including professionals from the fields of health, journalism, construction management, and music, spent two weeks in Armenia discovering its history, culture, and people. Under the guidance of FAR’s Project Director Arto Vorperian and tour guide, historian, and comedian extraordinaire Galust Hovsepyan, the YPs explored monumental historical sites, such as Garni, Ambert, Sardarabad, and the tomb of Mesrob Mashots. They also discovered the wealth of the Christian Armenian faith in the churches of Geghard, Saghmosavank, St. Hripsime, St. Gayane, Khor Virab, Noravank, and the majestic Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin. The highlights of the cultural ...

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