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[CASP]: CASP Provides Assistance to Gyumri Family Crippled with Poverty image

Eight-year-old Kristine, 13-year-old Karen, and 16-year-old Khoren Gevorgyan have spent their childhoods living in squalor with their grandmother Geghecik, 73, in one of the worst districts of Gyumri. After losing their home to the earthquake that devastated the region back in 1988, the family moved into a house given to them by the state. After that house was lost to a fire in 2001 they were then forced to move into an aluminum shelter, gifted to them by a local foundation. Both Karen and Kristine were born in this makeshift house. The four lived there with the children’s mother Anjela and their father Manvel until he passed away after a long battle with lung cancer in 2009. Soon afterwards, Anjela left with no reasonable explanation. They haven’t seen her since.

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[FAR’s Children’s Center]: At the FAR Children’s Center, 10-Year-Old Aram Learned He Loved to Sing image

Narine Vardanyan said goodbye to Aram Harutyunyan, and once he left the FAR Children's Center's main building tears filled her eyes. "I became so attached to him, that little sweet boy," said Narine, a social worker at the Center, which is a full-service care facility that gives shelter and psychosocial support to Armenia's most vulnerable children.

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[Child Protection]: Another Unforgettable Summer at FAR’s Summer Camp image

One of our most successful programs, FAR’s summer camp for socially vulnerable children proved once again to be a success. Held in beautiful, bucolic Kotayq Province at the Aragats Summer Camp venue, FAR made it possible for 126 orphaned kids and those from single-parent homes, along with 18 Syrian-Armenian refugees to enjoy 18 wonderful days of joy and fun. The Aragats program, which started in 2015, is fully supported by the SJS Foundation.

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[FAR Children’s Center]: Generous Gift from YPT Alumni to Improve the FAR Children’s Center standard

July 3rd turned into a joyful day for the more than 30 kids of the FAR Children’s Center when Young Professionals Trip alumni came by for a visit. All were visiting Armenia and they decided to once again observe FAR’s projects firsthand. Center staff toured their special guests around the facility, who then spent several hours playing with the kids. The group brought balls, stuffed animals, stickers, board games and painting materials with them, which made the kids even happier to have visitors. “Everyone was thrilled with the chance to see FAR’s work first hand!” said Martha Mensoian, the YPT alumnus who initiated the trip to the Children’s Center, following the visit. In fact, the group was so impressed that ...

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