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[FAR Health Programs]: New Healthcare Initiative to Bring International Attention to Armenia’s Doctors image

FAR has always been an innovator in Armenia, and this is especially true when it comes to our healthcare programs, which have broad impact. One of our recent projects is no exception. A new cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Republican Scientific-Medical Library of the Ministry of Health of Armenia (RSML), entitled "Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative" (SORTIT).

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[Healthcare; BCPP]: Course in Disaster Medicine Helps Doctors in Armenia’s At-Risk Border Region image

For those who inhabit the region of Berd, which sits along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, the everyday risk of injury is very real. Here, the ongoing conflict with Azerbajian is palpable, with cross-border gunfire a somewhat normal occurrence. As a result, it’s imperative that local physicians be able to provide the appropriate care.

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[FAR Health Programs]: AAHPO’s Dr. Najarian Speaks to the Importance of Knowledge Sharing image

Upon entering FAR’s Conference Hall Dr. Lawrence Najarian, President of the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO), smiled gently and greeted everyone. He radiated enthusiasm as he took his seat around the oval table and softly took the notebook out of his bag. With his beaming smile, Dr. Najarian discussed with participants of FAR’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program and other healthcare providers the motives of his visit to Armenia.

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[CME]: Meeting Highlights Achievements of 2016 and Focuses on What’s to Come image

One of the cornerstones of our Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) is the generosity of the program’s mentors, who are the leading specialists in Armenia’s medical field who volunteer their time to share their knowledge and train their colleagues working in some of country’s more remote regions— typically places with limited resources.

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[FAR Yerevan]: Supporting Discourse Through Public Forums image

To support public debate on topics relevant to Armenia today, one of FAR’s most recent initiatives is the facilitation of discussion forums. The first event in the new annual series, held on May 13th, was about the newly launched licensing system for doctors in Armenia. Under these new regulations, in order to receive their professional certification physicians must acquire more than 200 credits through continuous professional development by regularly attending courses, trainings and conferences. Previously, all medical institutions were responsible for passing licensing exams and meeting requirements, which led to decreased motivation and ownership amongst doctors and their own credentials.

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[Health Programs]: FAR’s Health Programs Highlighted During the International Armenian Medical Congress standard

For the fourth year in a row, FAR’s healthcare programs were highlighted during the International Medical Congress of Armenia (4IMCA), where results of recently completed and current healthcare projects, as well as planned activities were shared with participants. FAR also sponsored the participation in the 4IMCA for two members of FARFAA, President Anna Shirinyan and board member Bella Grigoryan; five participants from Nagorno Karabakh; a representative from the Ministry of Health; four managers from major Armenian hospitals; and seven participants from the Tavush Region where FAR currently implements its Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program. “The congress was an unprecedented initiative, which has paid off through the context of new partnerships,” said FAR Health Programs Manager Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan, who ...

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[FAR Health programs]: Another Meeting of FAR Health Fellows Proves Effectiveness of FAR Heritage standard

On September 26 FAR’s good friends – physicians, who work towards improving Armenia’s healthcare system, gathered at the Aram Khachaturian house-museum to celebrate years of cooperation between FAR Armenia and FAR’s Fellowship Alumni Association (FARFAA). Professor Wolfgang Aulitzky, director of the American Austrian Foundation’s “Salzburg International Medical Seminars” program, was among the participants of the reception. He stressed the importance of such meetings to discuss current issues and promote further cooperation. “Thanks to Fund for Armenian Relief’s support, Armenia was the only country that had two participants for each seminar, because FAR sponsored one fellow, we sponsored another one,” Dr. Aulitzky added. Since 2003 the Austro-American foundation has been cooperating with the Open Society Foundations to implement the “Salzburg International ...

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