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[CME]: Meeting Highlights Achievements of 2016 and Focuses on What’s to Come image

One of the cornerstones of our Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) is the generosity of the program’s mentors, who are the leading specialists in Armenia’s medical field who volunteer their time to share their knowledge and train their colleagues working in some of country’s more remote regions— typically places with limited resources.

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[FAR Yerevan]: Supporting Discourse Through Public Forums image

To support public debate on topics relevant to Armenia today, one of FAR’s most recent initiatives is the facilitation of discussion forums. The first event in the new annual series, held on May 13th, was about the newly launched licensing system for doctors in Armenia. Under these new regulations, in order to receive their professional certification physicians must acquire more than 200 credits through continuous professional development by regularly attending courses, trainings and conferences. Previously, all medical institutions were responsible for passing licensing exams and meeting requirements, which led to decreased motivation and ownership amongst doctors and their own credentials.

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[Health Programs]: FAR’s Health Programs Highlighted During the International Armenian Medical Congress standard

For the fourth year in a row, FAR’s healthcare programs were highlighted during the International Medical Congress of Armenia (4IMCA), where results of recently completed and current healthcare projects, as well as planned activities were shared with participants. FAR also sponsored the participation in the 4IMCA for two members of FARFAA, President Anna Shirinyan and board member Bella Grigoryan; five participants from Nagorno Karabakh; a representative from the Ministry of Health; four managers from major Armenian hospitals; and seven participants from the Tavush Region where FAR currently implements its Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program. “The congress was an unprecedented initiative, which has paid off through the context of new partnerships,” said FAR Health Programs Manager Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan, who ...

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[FAR Health programs]: Another Meeting of FAR Health Fellows Proves Effectiveness of FAR Heritage standard

On September 26 FAR’s good friends – physicians, who work towards improving Armenia’s healthcare system, gathered at the Aram Khachaturian house-museum to celebrate years of cooperation between FAR Armenia and FAR’s Fellowship Alumni Association (FARFAA). Professor Wolfgang Aulitzky, director of the American Austrian Foundation’s “Salzburg International Medical Seminars” program, was among the participants of the reception. He stressed the importance of such meetings to discuss current issues and promote further cooperation. “Thanks to Fund for Armenian Relief’s support, Armenia was the only country that had two participants for each seminar, because FAR sponsored one fellow, we sponsored another one,” Dr. Aulitzky added. Since 2003 the Austro-American foundation has been cooperating with the Open Society Foundations to implement the “Salzburg International ...

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[FAR Health Programs]: Applied Skills standard

FAR’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program allows health professionals like Dr. Anna Begijanyan to update their professional skills through applied training. Dr. Begijanyan is a family physician from the Shahumyan Clinic who enrolled in the CME program in the beginning of February 2013. Now she is in the middle of month-long training at the “Muratsan” University Hospital. The courses focus on cardiology, as requested by Dr. Begijanyan, and hands-on training in Microsoft Office and other computer skills. Dr. Begijanyan’s trainer is Dr. Alexander Ayvazyan, the head of the Therapy Clinic at the “Muratsan” University Hospital. Every day, he welcomes numerous medical students who vivify the Hospital during their practicum and openly answers all of their questions. This setting appears to ...

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[FAR Health Programs]: Reintegrating Professionals standard

Returning to one’s fatherland as an established professional is an honorable act of homecoming. FAR frequently provides support for diasporan professionals with such a dignified mission. Through its Continuing Medical Education (CME) program for Nagorno Karabagh Republic physicians that is funded by the Armenian-American Health Professional Organization (AAHPO), FAR helps repatriates reintegrate into the Armenian healthcare system after their extensive work experience abroad. Dr. Mushegh Aro is one such doctor who relocated to Armenia in 2012 after having lived and worked in Syria for 20 years as a gastroenterologist. He now serves as a family physician at Kovsakan City Hospital in the Kashatagh district of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. As a participant in the CME program, Dr. Aro is under the ...

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[FAR Health Programs]: Continuing Medical Education Program Expands its Reach in Armenia standard

Following recent trainings in Goris and Kapan, FAR, in collaboration with the USAID-funded HS-STAR project, implemented professional trainings as part of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program for physicians and healthcare workers for the first time in the cities of Vagharshapat and Hrazdan. Earlier this month, Dr. Hovhannes Kzhdryan, Assistant Professor and Chair of General and Invasive Cardiology at Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU), lead a seminar on heart attacks at the Vagharshapat Polyclinic for 26 family physicians and general practitioners. “It is very good that we took part in those trainings, especially because they were delivered by leading specialists. Also, the process itself was very interactive and useful for refreshing professional knowledge,” said participant Dr. Alvard Samsonyan, a therapist ...

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[FAR Health Programs]: The National Medical Library’s Role in FARFAA’s Educational Programs. standard

By Anna Shirinyan The National Medical Library of Armenia (NML) plays a very important role in the activities of the FAR Fellowship Alumni Association (FARFAA). By organizing various training initiatives, the NML promotes the development of the FARFAA’s educational programs. Remarkable are these training programs, which are dedicated to helping provincial doctors. Within the framework of the Continuing Medical Education Program (CME), a month-long training program held in Yerevan, physicians from Armenia’s rural regions not only visit NML, but also they undertake special training programs and practical courses on site. Recently, the NML began organizing distance-learning courses. Such was one of the recent lectures, during which direct telecommunication was established between NML and Aparan Medical Center. During the two-hour lecture, ...

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[FAR Health Programs | CME]: Lecture Held at Aparan Medical Center. standard

On November 17, participants in the CME Regional Doctors Training Program and the AAHPO-FAR CME program attended a lecture on evidence-based medicine. Lectures are an extremely important element of the CME program. This one was delivered by National Institute of Health Professor Ruben Hovanesyan. The Institute’s Dr. Samvel Soghomonyan also took part. The lecture was unique in that it was held at the Aparan Medical Center where local physicians were also able to participate. Aparan Medical Center was completely reconstructed by the World Bank and it has a good capacity for this kind of event. Professor Ruben Hovanesyan delivers the lecture. Doctors from Yerevan joined those from FAR’s CME program for this lecture on evidence-based medicine. Credit: National Medical Library

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