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[FAR Schools]: School to Become one of Yerevan’s Best with the Help of FAR’s Long-Term Support standard

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine children being genuinely happy while they’re at school. But we at FAR know it’s possible. FAR staff witnessed this firsthand during a recent visit to the Daniel Varuzhan School No. 89 in Yerevan, which FAR has continuously supported through the help of the late Dr. Armen Bedikian. Originally from Turkey, Dr. Bedikian contributed substantial donations to a range of organizations during his life. As someone who believed passionately in improving education for Armenia’s younger generation he generously supported Armenian schools. For the 2014-15 school year, classrooms at the Varuzhan School were enriched with 50 new desks and 100 new chairs. Teachers also received new tables and chairs, and the school’s old boiler was replaced by ...

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