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[FAR New York]: FAR ANSEF Chairman is Honored by NASA for Life Time Achievement standard

Dr. Yervant Terzian, the David C. Duncan Professor in the Physical Sciences, Department of Astronomy, Cornell University, was awarded to NASA Lifetime Achievement Award last month. He is one of the prominent modern astronomers, known in the fields of physics of the interstellar medium, planetary nebulae, galaxies, radio astronomy, and others. He is one of the Armenian Astronomical Society Co-Presidents and the Chairman of the Research Council of Armenian National Science and Education Fund. Terzian was born on February 9, 1939, in Alexandria, Egypt. His father was an Armenian and his mother, a Greek; hence, having Armenian-Greek origin, Terzian is considered both as a great Armenian and Greek astronomer. He finished the Kalousdian Armenian School in Cairo, then studied at ...

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[FAR New York]: New Fund to Support Musical Education in Gyumri standard

FAR is pleased to announce the start of the new “Galoust Galo Educational Fund”, which will exclusively support Gyumri’s Octet School of Music. The fund is made possible through the support of Ms. Edna Galo of New York. It was in 2006 that Edna first heard about the Octet School where more than 200 young and talented musicians pursued their studies in classical and folk music despite sub-par housing conditions until massive renovations were completed in 2013 through the support of the Mardigian Family Foundation. A passionate lover of music, Edna soon became a dedicated supporter of Octet. “I was brought up in a family where music was highly appreciated. My Father, Galoust Galo, studied the violin when we lived in ...

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[FAR New York]: Meet our Summer Intern! standard

Please welcome our summer intern Alisha Sharaballi! She will be working on social media with the FAR communications team and our crowdfunding platform and civic initiative Ayo! Alisha is a rising junior at Seton Hall University with a double major in Diplomacy & International Relations and Economics, and a minor in Russian. She is an international student with an ethnic background of Iranian, Indian, and Iraqi. In her spare time, Alisha coaches high school speech and debate, anchors at her university’s radio station, and attempts to understand the enigma that is the Russian language. Alisha loves watching late night re-runs of “Friends,” searching for new restaurants to visit, and re-reading the Harry Potter series. Alisha is looking forward to spending ...

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[FAR New York]: Diocese Names Ian Gillan Friend of the Armenians standard

Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Ian Gillan, and FAR Board Chairman Randy Sapah-Gulian  (Mediamax) On May 2 the famed British rock star Ian Gillan was honored as the Eastern Diocese’s “Friend of the Armenians 2014” for using the power of music for the good of the Armenian people. Chair of the FAR Board of Directors Randy Sapah-Gulian presented the award to Mr. Gillan during the 112th Annual Assembly of the Eastern Diocese in New York. Mistress of ceremonies and FAR friend and benefactor Sandra Shahinian Leitner pointed out that the large number of guests present spoke to the high regard and respect that Mr. Gillan has inspired in the community. Indeed, his generous spirit and his intense commitment to Armenia for the ...

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[FAR New York]: Goodbye, Nelson Mandela standard

The world has lost a hero, a tireless crusader for human rights and freedom who touched millions of lives. While the we all mourn this loss of a great man, we will not forget the incredible legacies he left behind – the legacies of democracy, justice and equality. His life and work remain an inspiration to all of us in the FAR family. We will continue to do our very best to carry out the fundamentals he embodied each and every day. Rest in Peace, Nelson Mandela credit: Wikipedia Commons

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[FAR New York]: An Incredibly Heartwarming Experience standard

Gregory Toufayan (L) with his family Among the guests at the Octet Music School’s opening ceremony on September 20 was FAR Board member Gregory Toufayan. “It was incredibly heartwarming,” he reflected to the Armenian Radio Hour of NJ. “I remembered meeting and seeing some victims of the earthquake and their injuries at our parish, as a young teenager just after the earthquake. I remembered seeing the toppled buildings all still in ruin in 1996 on an ACYOA/FAR sponsored trip. Likewise, I was immensely proud of FAR for accomplishing with great efficiency such an important accomplishment for the city of Gyumri and Armenia.” You may view a video clip that Mr. Toufayan made during the ceremony below:

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