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[FAR Partnerships]: FAR-Supported Vocational Training Program Helps Military Veterans Find Employment image

After finishing their two years of military service, Samvel Evoyan and Levon Avetyan, both 20 years old, were skeptical about obtaining work quickly. However, once they completed a training program entitled Non-Formal Education for Returnees run by the local NGO Zinvori Mair (Soldier’s Mother), they soon found themselves gainfully employed.

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[FAR Partnerships]: Minnesota Familiy Makes It Possible for Vulnerable Families to Access Healthy Food in the Dead of Winter image

The weeks of New Years and Christmas celebrations are finally over in Armenia and we have returned to the normal pace and routine of everyday life. Yet we wanted to share with you the news that FAR was able to do food distribution over the holidays thanks to the generosity of FAR supporter Mr. Ed Pompeian from Rochester, Minnesota, who made it possible.

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[FAR Partnerships]: FAR Continues to Facilitate Partnership Between Armenian and American Engineers image

For more than four years now, FAR has been facilitating a collaboration between Rutgers University, the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia (NUACA), and the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) to support the upgrade of NUACA’s curriculum, and to create opportunities for Armenian engineers to learn more about the best practices of civil engineers from leading centers in the U.S.

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