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[FAR Yerevan]: In Pursuit of a New Experience, or What It Means to be a Part of the FAR Family image

Hi, I’m Margaret, (or Maga II, as some of my colleagues call me), a new member of a large family called Fund for Armenian Relief. I want to tell you about my new family—people who make life-changing impact in this small country called Armenia through projects aimed at easing the pain of thousands, through initiatives that ensure the future of the new generation, and about my six-month experience, which seems like a small wave in the ocean of FAR’s multi-yearlong journey in the quest of dignity, trust, and service.

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[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Scholars Unite to Celebrate the 90th Birthday of Anoush Mathevosian image

A financial specialist, a university lecturer, an auditor, an assistant in Parliament, and a computer programmer were just a few of the people of diverse professions who gathered at FAR’s Yerevan office on February 19th to celebrate the 90th birthday of the woman who connects them — Anoush Mathevosian. It was indeed a heartwarming celebration for this dedicated Armenian benefactor and the founder of FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program. About 30 current students and alumni of the program attended to sing, read poems, share their success stories, and eat birthday cake. “Happy Birthday, Dear Anoush. Thanks to your kind heart and philanthropy these young people were able to get an education and they had the chance to change their lives. Hundreds ...

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[Ayo!]: Ambassador Heffern Supports Accessible Schools in Armenia standard

On a regular working day of Friday, March 28, we had a surprise visitor in our FAR Yerevan office. U.S. Ambassador to Armenia His Excellency John A. Heffern had found a window in his busy schedule to walk to our office and make a donation to Ayo!’s cash donation box. A fervent advocate of the disabled and Ayo! partner, Mr. Heffern chose to say “Ayo!” (“Yes!”) to Ayo!’s campaign for an elevator in the Gavar Special School. The elevator in Gavar will provide an enormous benefit for the school, which is two-stories and caters to about 60 children with different special needs and disabilities. Currently, teachers and volunteers must literally carry children in wheelchairs up and down the stairs during ...

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[Healthcare]: Developing Health Capability for BCPP standard

In June, a group of physicians from Berd and Paravakar visited the FAR Yerevan office. The visit marked the first steps in implementing FAR’s newly launched Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Project (BCPP) initiative. The physicians, among whom are family physicians, laboratory physicians, and pediatricians, are among the staff whose potential will be deployed in eight communities of the Tavush region of Armenia. BCPP plans to assess and solve the malnutrition problem in the region among children aged six months to six years old. In addition to such meetings at the FAR office, the physicians also regularly attend special trainings organized by FAR’s Continuing Medical Education program. These trainings take place at the “Arabkir” Medical Center and “Muratsan” Hospital Complex ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Apricot Feast Day standard

While Americans were celebrating Independence on the Fourth of July, FAR scholarship students spent the day celebrating a uniquely Armenian treasure: apricots! The day began in anticipation of good weather. The group was full of energy when they arrived in the picturesque village of Yervandashat, which is a true historical landmark. The clouds were refusing to give way to the sun, so the students began sorting some collected fruit, in hopes that the weather would improve and allow further work to take place. The President of the Yervandashat Agricultural Association Consumers Cooperative, Arkadi Khachikyan had planned the day of joint efforts for this year’s harvest. He was caught unaware by a surplus of fruit and contacted the FAR Yerevan office ...

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[Armenian Life]: A Woman of Many Talents. standard

I was familiar with Florence Avakian’s name from Armenia’s Azg daily, and from different international newspapers and journals. It was only recently, however, that I had the chance to meet and personally get to know her when she visited Armenia with FAR. It was Florence’s eighth trip to Armenia, and she was here to report on the Toufayan family’s visit to projects they’ve supported in Zangakatun and in Etchmiadzin. Florence was interested in everything about Armenian life – its positive and negative sides, the living conditions of people, etc. Born in New York, Florence speaks brilliant Armenian. “My mother was to blame for it,” she said with a joking smile. “She always made me and my sister speak Armenian at ...

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[FAR Health Programs | CME]: FAR and AAHPO CME Program Restarts the Work. standard

After a vacation during August, FAR restarted the Continuing Medical Education Program (CME).  Eight physicians will be trained at leading hospitals in Yerevan during the next four weeks. On September 5, FAR hosted an orientation for the new participants. Currently, FAR has accepted 285 CME fellows and 28 participants for the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization-Continuing Medical Education Partnership (AAHPO-CME), which enables physicians from Karabagh and Javakhk to receive additional training.  Hambardzum Simonyan meets with this month’s Continuing Medical Education Program participants. Credit: Levon Lachikyan

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