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[BCPP]: Berd Extracurricular Groups Reveal Young Talents image

As thousands of Armenian children packed their bags for summer getaways, our hobby group students find inspiration back at school. With sparkling eyes and beaming smiles, they hurry to class to paint, to learn Armenian folk music and to prepare songs and dances for performances. They especially love exploring topics such as the motherland, religion, sightseeing, favorite cartoons, and animals.

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[CASP]: CASP Provides Assistance to Gyumri Family Crippled with Poverty image

Eight-year-old Kristine, 13-year-old Karen, and 16-year-old Khoren Gevorgyan have spent their childhoods living in squalor with their grandmother Geghecik, 73, in one of the worst districts of Gyumri. After losing their home to the earthquake that devastated the region back in 1988, the family moved into a house given to them by the state. After that house was lost to a fire in 2001 they were then forced to move into an aluminum shelter, gifted to them by a local foundation. Both Karen and Kristine were born in this makeshift house. The four lived there with the children’s mother Anjela and their father Manvel until he passed away after a long battle with lung cancer in 2009. Soon afterwards, Anjela left with no reasonable explanation. They haven’t seen her since.

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[Scholarships]: Student-Organized Event Helps Local NGO standard

We at FAR have some very talented young ladies in our Gulamerian Scholarship program. Fourteen of them recently took it upon themselves to organize an exhibition sale in order to raise money to benefit the local NGO Mer Doon. Meaning “Our Home” in English, Mer Doon gives shelter to parentless young girls until they are old enough to find their own homes. The event, which they called, “Our Home is our Fatherland,” opened with a show during which the ladies told guests the history of Armenian national culture and tradition through song, dance, music, and textile, lavash and wine production. Afterwards visitors could browse and buy many quality items for sale, including bags, tablecloths, wine casings, moccasins, national costumes, embroidered ...

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[ANSEF]: Thirty Research Groups Awarded ANSEF Grants for 2015 standard

Thirty scientific groups have been chosen as this year’s winners of the Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF). Each group will receive a $5,000 grant to support further development of their research in biology, physics, chemistry, biotechnology or astronomy, among other areas. FAR’s Education and Science Programs Manager Eduard Karapetyan opened the January 23 ANSEF award ceremony by congratulating all 108 scientists who make up these 30 groups. Armenian National Academy of Science President Radik Martisoryan then thanked the ANSEF Research Council for its honest and unbiased work, while emphasizing its importance and the value of these grants to scientists, particularly young scientists, of Armenia. ANSEF’s Research Council received 174 applications this year. In recent years ANSEF has put ...

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[FAR Schools]: Better for Children, Better for Future of Armenia standard

Starting on September 10, more than 270 schoolchildren in the Berd region of the Tavush Province will be able to play in better conditions after FAR finished renovating three outdoor playgrounds in schools in Berd, Varagavan, and Chinchin, as well as a gymnasium in Chinchin. The playgrounds and the gym were renovated and expanded within FAR’s 5-year Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP)* in the Tavush that launched in 2013. The program focuses on education, health, economic development, and social conditions in the city of Berd and its 7 surrounding villages. The payground in Chinchin will serve not only the village’s 50 students, but also all of the resident children and youth. “I love playing sports. Seeing this new ...

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