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[GTech]: New Project Aims to Boost IT Development in Armenia’s Shirak Province image

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia and Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech) recently partnered to start a new project. Boosting Technological Developments in Shirak Province is aimed at supporting the economic development of Shirak through skills enrichment geared toward the young, unemployed population, and through enhanced business development for the IT community.

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[GTech]: IT Training Course Provides Opportunity to More than 500 Armenian Youth image

Hundreds of young people had a chance to better their future career paths over the course of the past year thanks to the efforts of some leading companies in Armenia's IT sphere, FAR, and some other charitable organizations. Three hundred forty-five young people from Gyumri and 285 from Vanadzor took part in mobile, web and computer engineering courses completely free of charge and gained practical skills in programming through FAR’s Trainings for Gyumri and Vanadzor Technology Centers Program.

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[GTech]: GTech Grad Sees His Professional Future in Gyumri image

Twenty-four-year-old Meruzhan Gasparyan graduated with a degree in management and economics and considered continuing in that field until he decided to become a web designer. He graduated from Gyumri Information Technologies Center's (GTech) [www.gitc.am] Department of Web Design in 2015. “After graduating the first time, I realized that there is little space for new developments in the field of economics, while IT is constantly developing. It is a place where I can always come up with new ideas,” he said.

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[GTech]: GTech to Launch Q&A Sessions with its Alumni image

Samvel Pahlevanyan studies iOS Development as a second year student at Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech). He loves his chosen field and is unable to imagine himself working anywhere else but in the IT sphere. But it wasn`t always that way. When he started at GTech, Samvel found himself uninterested in his classes. But as he progressed in his studies he found that he began to enjoy the topic more and more. His interest began to grow and in time he was able to master his skills and adopt the tools of information technology, quickly realizing their importance and value, along with the value of his profession overall. He soon found himself inspired. After spending some time as an intern ...

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