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[CASP]: On its 20th Anniversary, CASP Distributes Stipends to Nearly 550 Children in Need image

This year, Astghik was welcomed into the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP) as one of its 83 new beneficiaries thanks to the enormous efforts of the Women’s Guild Central Council of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. CASP helps orphans and children of single mothers with their living expenses through annual stipends.

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[CASP]: CASP Support Helps One Woman to Raise Her Grandchildren image

Flora Yesayan is 68 years old. She is the sole caretaker of her three grandchildren, 11-year-old Narek, 17-year-old Nune, and 20-year-old Zina. Flora can't tell the story of her family without tears that she tries to hide from young Narek. Her son died in a car crash five years ago. They then lost the children’s mother to cancer a year and a half ago. Now, the family tries to make the best of it where they live in the tiny village of Tavush, in the Berd Region.

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[CASP]: A Nice Day with the Jinisyans from Javakhk image

10-year-old twins Rafael and Samvel Jinisyan live in Javakhk’s Gumburdo community in Georgia. They are both recipients of FAR’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship (CASP)* program. Together with sister Margarit, 11, do their best to help their mother Lusine, 39, with the household. In their free time, Rafael and Samvel used to attend boxing classes at the local club - until it was closed down. Instead, they now play football with the community peers.

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[CASP]: More than 500 Children Receive Financial Aid from CASP Distributions image

Five hundred children living in Armenia's Syunik, Tavush and Shirak provinces, as well as in Javakhk, recently received financial aid as part of this year’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP) distributions. FAR staff recently traveled to these locations where they gave out the annual stipends with support from the Fathers of Armenia's Apostolic Church serving in these cities. In Javakhk, Georgia, support was distributed with the help of Father Babken Salbian, leader of Javakhk’s vicars.

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[YPT]: FAR Helps Young Professionals Discover Their Own Armenia standard

Arto Vorperian, FAR’s Project Director, has been leading the FAR Young Professionals Trip (YPT) since its inception 19 years ago. This trip takes a small group of young people just on the verge of their professional careers through Armenia and the surrounding regions. The participants spend an incredibly busy 14 days visiting historic and geographic landmarks, discovering the concrete benefits of some of the FAR programs, and meeting with their Armenian young professional counterparts in the hopes of forging lasting relationships. In the two decades since the YPT began running, the local and diasporan Armenian communities have undergone monumental changes. The YPT has changed as well to adapt to the shifting dynamics and demographics of its participants and beneficiaries. For ...

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[CASP]: Families Supported by CASP: A Widow’s Burden standard

Norayr Piloyan lives with his mother, brother, grandmother, and grandfather in Javakhk. The entire family depends on his mom, as she is the only member who is able to work. The two boys are still minors and the grandparents have already entered old age. Norayr’s grandparents are not in good health and require much daily care. Their grandchildren take care of them while the mother is at work. The large family lives in a studio apartment. The one room housing five people also manages to hold a very crowded kitchen in one of its corners. Since Norayr’s father passed away, the family hasn’t had any source of income besides his mother’s. Thus, they have learned to live sparingly.  They have ...

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