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[Ayo!]: Ayo! Launches a Call for Emergency Help for Armenia’s Hrazdan Day Care Center image

Ayo!, FAR’s crowdfunding platform, just launched a new campaign to raise funds for the Hrazdan Day Care Center for Disabled Children. The Center, which normally provides social, educational, and healthcare support to nearly 150 disabled children in Hrazdan city and surrounding villages of Kotayq Province, lost their funding January 1st and was forced to cease operations.

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[FAR Soup Kitchens]: Soup Kitchen Provides Huge Support to Family in Kotayq Province image

Nune Barkhyan and her three children, Levon, 18, Taguhi, 14, and Vardanush, 6, have been going to FAR's Byureghavan Soup Kitchen in Kotayq Province for the past 10 months. Like all of those who attend the kitchens, the family is no stranger to hardship. It is difficult to overcome poverty in Armenian communities like Byureghavan where industrial factories stopped operating after the fall of the Soviet Union, leaving the majority of the population out of work.

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[Child Protection]: Another Unforgettable Summer at FAR’s Summer Camp image

One of our most successful programs, FAR’s summer camp for socially vulnerable children proved once again to be a success. Held in beautiful, bucolic Kotayq Province at the Aragats Summer Camp venue, FAR made it possible for 126 orphaned kids and those from single-parent homes, along with 18 Syrian-Armenian refugees to enjoy 18 wonderful days of joy and fun. The Aragats program, which started in 2015, is fully supported by the SJS Foundation.

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[FAR Soup Kitchens]: FAR Soup Kitchen is this Family's Most Vital Support standard

One might confuse 17-year-old Nina Ghulyan as a mother of three when she feeds her 1-year-old sister or either of her other two youngest siblings, at FAR’s soup kitchen in Byureghavan. Nina is the oldest of eight children and the primary caretaker of her two brothers and five sisters when her mother works as cleaner in nearby Abovyan, a post-industrial city with a high unemployment rate. Nina’s father remains in Russia where he went to find work but now has no means to return home. Nina is her mother’s only help. She is responsible for everything, including cooking and feeding the others and washing the clothes, which she must do by hand. “The most difficult time is during the winter,” ...

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[Child Protection]: Camp Provides a Brighter Summer Vacation for Some of Armenia’s Most Vulnerable Children standard

Twenty fun-filled days of summer camp have left some disadvantaged children with very happy memories. Aragats Camp, FAR’s annual summer camp held in Kotayq Province, gave 140 kids the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting events, competitions, games, music and dance parties, along with other activities like field trips and guided nature hikes. Children from 5 different regions of the country, including several recently relocated Syrian-Armenian refugees attended the camp. All children receive financial assistance to attend and come from either low-income families or single-parent households, or are orphans. Fourteen teachers and counselors planned the camp’s curriculum. Counselors are FAR scholarship recipients who were trained before camp started in order to familiarize themselves with the activities and different ...

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[FAR Soup Kitchens]: Soup Kitchen Provides Relief for One Family’s Constant Struggle standard

Tears spill from the eyes of 31-year-old Marta Ghazaryan while she sits with her three kids in FAR’s Nor Hajn Soup Kitchen. The difficulties she has dealt with since her childhood have not broken her. Still, when she talks about her life her eyes begin to water. “I got married when I was 19 but marriage didn’t make me happier. I lost my mother very early in life and had been living with my grandmother and my uncle’s family. I needed to work hard on their farm in Ararat. They would make me. They would exploit me, never compensating me properly,” Marta says with a cold voice that thinly veils her pain. After marriage she found herself living with her ...

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