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[Scholarships]: Student-Organized Event Helps Local NGO standard

We at FAR have some very talented young ladies in our Gulamerian Scholarship program. Fourteen of them recently took it upon themselves to organize an exhibition sale in order to raise money to benefit the local NGO Mer Doon. Meaning “Our Home” in English, Mer Doon gives shelter to parentless young girls until they are old enough to find their own homes. The event, which they called, “Our Home is our Fatherland,” opened with a show during which the ladies told guests the history of Armenian national culture and tradition through song, dance, music, and textile, lavash and wine production. Afterwards visitors could browse and buy many quality items for sale, including bags, tablecloths, wine casings, moccasins, national costumes, embroidered ...

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[Armenian Life]: Village Life in Armenia – Zangakatun’s Lone Construction Site. standard

During the Soviet years, Zangakatun was one of the most prosperous and beautiful regions of Armenia. The villagers kept themselves busy with cattle breeding and gardening, and the town’s little sewing factory was in continual operation. Seventeen-year-old Heghine Kirakosyan was working at this factory after graduating from high school when Nerses Kirakosyan, who had just returned from the Soviet Army, proposed to her. It was 1985. Nerses had been serving as a non-commissioned officer in a Soviet military unit in East Germany. After marrying Heghine he once again returned to Germany to continue his service. In 1987, their first child Edgar was born. (Their daughter Anush later followed in 1991.) By this time, the collapse of the Soviet Union was ...

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