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[Healthcare; CME]: Doctors in Lori Province Trained in Emergency Pediatrics image

FAR recently held a two-day medical training on emergency pediatrics in Vanadzor as part of our overall healthcare initiative to ensure better medical services throughout all regions of Armenia. Held November 6th and 7th, the training is the result of a partnership with the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of Virginia Commonwealth University, and it convened a variety of healthcare providers, including pediatricians, emergency and intensive care doctors, from Armenia’s Lori Province to get the most updated know-how on the topic.

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[VOAH]: A Sampling of VOAH’s Collection of Characters image

FAR’s Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) distinguishes itself from similar institutions in Armenia thanks to its pristine housing conditions and the comfort it brings to its residents. Located in the heart of the Lori Province’s picturesque forests overlooking the Tandzut River, VOAH is a home for 55 inhabitants who are a collection of characters, some of whom count the minutes until their next visit from a relative, and others who were lonely in their former lives and are now happy to share their days with their friends who feel more like family. There are the artists like Alexander Nersisyan, 65, who plays accordion, piano and paints. More, he is the home’s chess champion. Then there’s Aram Pachinski, 60, a Karabakh ...

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