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[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Supports Local Girls Home with Donation image

A big part of our educational work here at FAR focuses on helping youth who have been raised in orphanages. Our Gulamerian Scholarship Program in particular has been a longstanding initiative in this area, as it primarily helps young girls to fund their educations once they age out of institutionalized care at 18. Yet the Gulamerian Program also provides support to local initiatives in other ways. Most recently, the program made it possible to donate a sewing machine to the residents of Mer Doon, an NGO that provides a supportive home to orphaned young women over 18 by ultimately steering them away from a life that might otherwise lead them to live on the streets or turn to prostitution, until they can find their own stable home.

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[Scholarships]: Student-Organized Event Helps Local NGO standard

We at FAR have some very talented young ladies in our Gulamerian Scholarship program. Fourteen of them recently took it upon themselves to organize an exhibition sale in order to raise money to benefit the local NGO Mer Doon. Meaning “Our Home” in English, Mer Doon gives shelter to parentless young girls until they are old enough to find their own homes. The event, which they called, “Our Home is our Fatherland,” opened with a show during which the ladies told guests the history of Armenian national culture and tradition through song, dance, music, and textile, lavash and wine production. Afterwards visitors could browse and buy many quality items for sale, including bags, tablecloths, wine casings, moccasins, national costumes, embroidered ...

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[FAR Scholarships]: Completing the Needlework standard

A cozy, well-kept house not too far from the center of Etchmiadzin stands out in the side panorama of the street. The abode is Mer Doon NGO’s Residence for Young Women. “Mer Doon” is translated as “Our Home,” which reflects the mission of the organization for its beneficiaries. Well-furnished with a warmly-colored interior, the residence currently harbors eight young ladies who are either orphans or come from single-parent households. The girls live here and attend universities in Etchmiadzin. As part of the versatile education provided by Mer Doon, they learn needlework and carpet embroidery. Occasionally, their souvenir products are featured in exhibits and put up for sale. Mer Doon is fully equipped to meet the residents’ needs. This center is ...

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