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[Healthcare; BCPP]: Course in Disaster Medicine Helps Doctors in Armenia’s At-Risk Border Region image

For those who inhabit the region of Berd, which sits along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, the everyday risk of injury is very real. Here, the ongoing conflict with Azerbajian is palpable, with cross-border gunfire a somewhat normal occurrence. As a result, it’s imperative that local physicians be able to provide the appropriate care.

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[BCPP]: Supporting Teach For Armenia Fellows in Border Communities image

In 2017, FAR, as part of its Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP), conducted a survey in Tavush Province to understand where the Berd Region’s public schools stood in terms of having qualified teachers. We found there was a dearth of teachers for subjects like math, chemistry, biology, English, history, etc. As a result, we developed a partnership with Teach for Armenia so that select fellows could start teaching in Berd and its surrounding communities, which is where FAR has been implementing BCPP for the past five years.

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[BCPP]: Virtual Acquaintances in the Diaspora Support FAR Beneficiaries image

A few months ago when Ani Papyan, a social worker at FAR’s Berd office, was contacted via Facebook by Russian-Armenian youth eager to learn more about her job and how she supports people, she couldn’t have imagined the contact leading to much more than the exchange of a few messages. But Ani’s enthusiasm for her work, and her tales of the progress made by the families with whom she serves through FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP) initiative proved infectious. After hearing her stories, the young Armenians from Moscow’s Armenian Youth Association also wanted to help vulnerable families living in the border villages of Tavush Province. “I discussed the idea with FAR’s BCPP staff,” said Ani. “We went ...

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[BCPP]: Youth in Focus standard

Two hundred young people participated in October’s Berd City 4K race, which was organized as part of FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP). As the residents of Tavush Province live with a fragile peace each day along the Azeri border, the atmosphere of the villages in this region are typically tense. It is not unusual for the days to be disrupted by cross-border gunfire. The primary purpose of the race was to help the community focus around a collective event, illustrating the positive potential of working in solidarity with one another. The race was also a wonderful opportunity to change the mood of the community, if only for a little while. Narkin Karmiraghbyur resident Gevorg Adamyan , 19, ...

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[BCPP]: Six More Schools Provided with Better Conditions in Border Tavush Province standard

Fifteen hundred students in Armenia’s Tavush Region can now enjoy newly renovated, newly furnished classrooms and athletic grounds. Just a little over a week ago Berd City residents gathered to officially celebrate the openings of three new sports fields, two vocational classrooms, a kitchen, new bathrooms and a stadium in several local schools, all made possible by the Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP). Berd’s No. 4 School now has a newly renovated and partially equipped kitchen, a table tennis classroom and a new bathroom. A beautiful new basketball court was gifted to Berd’s No. 3 School, and Berd High School has a new football stadium. Renovations of the outdoor sports grounds and bathrooms were completed for the secondary schools ...

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[FAR Social Services]: A Sweet Treat for the Children of Armenia’s Border Towns standard

A bright smile on the face of 12-year-old Hermine is a huge reward when it comes to project feedback. Hermine lives in the border village of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur in Tavush Province. Her days are accompanied by the sound of gunfire along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. In addition to FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP)*, which aims to holistically address social, economic, health, educational and family issues in Tavush in order to improve life in its communities, FAR also tries to bring moments of joy to beneficiaries in unexpected ways whenever we can. Our “Chocolate Bank” was one such way. FAR and Ayo! staff collected more than 500 kilos of sweets through a recent Facebook campaign, which called on companies, ...

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[FAR Social Services]: BCPP Aims to Strengthen Bonds Among the Youth of Armenia’s Border Region standard

December 19 was an unprecedented day for the youth of the Berd Region. As part of FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program, the border village of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur hosted more than 100 young men and women from neighboring Paravakar, Tsaghkavan, Chinari, Chinchin and Tavush villages to discuss the greatest challenges in their communities and brainstorm possible solutions. The dynamic discussion included many topics, which ranged from routine household struggles to broad cultural issues. For the youth who attended, however, the most important goal of the initiative was getting to know each other. Chinari resident Geghecik Vanyan was very impressed with the youth event. “It was joyful. I am so happy we were invited here. I really got a lot ...

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