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[FAR Soup Kitchens]: The Anchor for a Family in Need image

Families like Larisa Muradyan’s depend on FAR’s soup kitchens. Like many soup kitchen beneficiaries their sole income comes from the state poverty subsidy. Larisa, 62, has visited the Nor Nork soup kitchen in Yerevan for the past 15 years. These days she is joined by her daughter Gohar and grandson Daniel. While Gohar receives a disability pension, it is mostly used to cover her medicine. Daniel, 13, also struggles with asthma. His family does all they can to keep him calm in order to avoid the onset of attacks. Daniel is in the eighth grade, and while he studies hard he doesn’t seem to like school much. He has found some inspiration, however, since he started attending church about a ...

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[FAR Soup Kitchens]: Not Alone standard

One of the beneficiaries of the Bay Area of Friends sponsored Nor Nork Soup Kitchen that is operated by FAR is a single mother to a child with a significant health problem. Kristine’s husband passed away years ago and she was left at the discretion of fate, taking care of her only son who suffers from child epilepsy. The daily nutrition at the soup kitchen alleviates Kristine’s pain of being left alone and having no breadwinner at home. She acknowledges the fact that she and her son would not be able to eke out their existence were it not for what she calls the “generous and benevolent” attitude of both kitchen staff and FAR staff who visit them in the ...

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[FAR Soup Kitchens]: Nor Nork Soup Kitchen is a Lifeline for Many standard

Khachik Gyurdjyan, FAR’s Nor Nork Soup Kitchen Director, often gets applications from people like Nanore Zarkobyan*, a Yerevan resident who can barely make ends meet or provide for her son Aram*. The two eek out a tough existence, one where there is not enough food to eat each day. Like many others they turn to their municipality, which directs them to FAR’s local soup kitchen so they can be included on the list of those who may receive daily meals. Every day FAR’s Nor Nork Soup Kitchen, which is located in the former Electromash factory, welcomes low-income people. There, they not only have free meals but an opportunity to socialize with others. Occasionally they receive additional support in the form ...

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